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Competitive Youth Soccer

This weekend in Pocatello, State Cup titles were decided in competitive Youth Soccer. In many ways, winning State Cup is as important, if not more important, than winning the High School state title. Teams who win State Cup go on to compete at Regional tournaments against the best teams from all of the western states. Regional winner, of course, end up at the national youth soccer tournament. Idaho teams are becoming more and more competitive against teams from states with much larger population pools.

Kuna school administrator accepts award from PETA

I find this disgusting, disgraceful and contemptable that
a public school adiminstrator would accept an award from such a left-leaning, terrorism supporting group of animal
rights wackos.As a tax payer this really infuriates me.This group of urban idiots goes counter to the very culture of Idaho.I love animals and believe in treating them right but I will not stand quiet while this group of weirdoos try to shove human breast milk in my ice cream,

Local High School Robotics team wins the "Gracious Professionalism" award in Portland Regional FIRST Competition

Team 1891, The Bullbots, ( wins the "Gracious Professionalism" award at the Portland Regional FIRST Competition. The Bullbots are a local robotics team associated with Mountain View High School and the Meridian School District. The team won this award by looking beyond the robotic competition and helping at least 8 teams that were in need during the regional competition. Help that was provided ranged from helping them to use power tools, programming, loaning tools, and loaning out the specialized batteries for the robots.

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Why Do People Have to Run Kids Down?

I am late to this fourm. But really why do people have to run kids down?

Boise High Alumni Publishes Successful Playbook

Coach Forrest McKinnis has published his playbook and has sold 200 copies locally. McKinnis has an .872 winning percentage over his 10 years of coaching. Please a take a moment to check this Brave Alumn page and if you'd like purchase his book.

Cool TV opportunity for high school athletes

have you heard about that new contest MILK is running to find the best high school athletes in just upload your video to their site for the chance to be in their 5th episode and be made a star....really cool....I uploaded a couple of videos myself.

kinda the American Idol for high school sports athletes where you can be in the last episode of BODY BY MILK

Varsity Softball Timberline 3, Meridian 2

Just for bluth4

Karma catches up to Meridian pitcher...

Suggestion for the Statesman

Please forgive me for relating bigger city standards (Portland, in this case) to this paper... but something bugs me about high school sports coverage.

The Oregonian wouldn't necessarily cover the whole state when it comes to story coverage regarding high schools, and I'm not asking for that. What they DO, once a week and then on Saturday during football season, once a week during basketball season, is post the standings for every conference in the state in the 2 or 3 biggest classifications. We're lucky to get the local league standings in this paper weekly. What gets me is why the "Ida

What's the biggest rivalry in the Treasure Valley?

What's the biggest rivalry in the Treasure Valley?

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