Let it snow


The Statesman's Pete Zimowsky was up at Bogus on Thursday morning, and this is how it looks up there. With late-morning rain in the valley, it's probably even more snow-covered up there by now.

Cowboys, Corn

....and Football. They went together well at last weeks Fruitland vs Weiser game.

Historic FSA photographs on display in Ontario


If you're interested in photography and/or the history of the west and our area, head over to the Four Rivers Cultural Center and Museum in Ontario, OR between now and Dec. 23rd. Admission is free.

Taking a Knee

Nestled among cornfields is the Fruitland High School football field. Saturday the team advanced in the Idaho State High School football playoffs by beating Kellogg 49-6. They took a knee in the second half as all their points were scored in the first.


After Coffee (or a fine hot chocolate)

The brisk weather on Friday reminded anyone who ventured outdoors that winter weather may be here in the Treasure Valley sooner than the leaves can all fall from their trees. The leaves at Julia Davis Park are just beginning to change and drop.Image

Before Coffee

Sunrise over Boise's north end.

Toxic Zombie

Downtown Boise was crawling with zombies Saturday Oct. 29, 2011 looking for brains at City Hall and dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller for "Thrill The World Boise."Image

Good Workout

Kevin Troutt rides his unicycle up at trail at Camels Back Park in Boise's northend. "I've lost 25 pounds doing this,"said Troutt, who rides a 6.5 mile loop four times a week on the one wheeled cycle.

Anyone lose his shoe?


Sometimes you find strange things in the background of your photos unexpectedly. As I was editing photos yesterday at the Boise State / Air Force game I noticed a shoe in the background of a photo of Billy Winn after a defensive play. Odd.

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