Old road bed at C.J. Strike is the prop buster

Got some feedback on the prop-busting rocks at C.J. Strike Reservoir near the new breakwater.

Jeff Day, an Idaho Fish and Game conservation officer, said Thursday that the rocks boaters are hitting in the area are from the old road bed. He says whenever boaters see buoys on C.J. Strike, they usually mean a shallow area or rocks.

Boaters have been busting their props on the rocks in the old road bed near North Park Campground as was reported by a boater in the Ask Zimo column in this morning's paper.

Smokey picking on ATVers

It sounds like Smokey the Bear is picking on ATVers.

In a 30-second television spot, he tells two ATV riders not to start their vehicles in a national forest.

"ATVs give off sparks. You could start a wildfire," the bear says (according to news reports). Rocky Barker also blogged about this. Check out his blog.

I haven't seen the ad, but what needs to be explained is that all motor vehicles can start fires in wildlands, not just ATVs. You can start a wildfire with the family sedan pulling off the shoulder of the highway for a picnic.

Rattlesnake-dog clinic set Aug. 9 in Boise

With all this talk about rattlesnakes, guess what? The 13th Annual Rattlesnake Avoidance Training clinic is set Aug. 9 at Veterans Memorial Park.

Members of the Snake River Versatile Gun Dog Club will train dogs to avoid rattlers by sight, scent and sound.

The training is from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Cost is $30. Dog owners should have reservations and they can be made by calling 463-2304.

Watch for this award-winning fishing gear

This info came from the recent ICAST show, which is the annual sport fishing industry trade show. Watch for these companies and products in your favorite tackle shop or sporting goods store.

Information on Idaho's Centennial Trail

Hey Roger. I'm sure there are plenty of rattlesnakes along parts of Idaho's Centennial Trail, especially those stretches in the Jarbidge-Bruneau country, along the Middle Fork of the Salmon and also along the Selway River.

Speaking of rattlers, I almost did a back flip away from one I saw along the Middle Fork of the Boise River near Sheep Creek many years ago. I walked up on a gopher snake in the Boise Foothills last night and almost freaked. They look just like rattlers, and sometimes, they act like them.

First rattlesnake of the season

I saw my first rattlesnake of the year over the weekend. It's always a thrill - a weird combination of excitement and primal fear that few other animals provoke.

Of course it was my buddy, Brent Gould, an avowed snake hater, who stumbled into it while we were fishing on the Middle Fork of the Boise. I didn't have that levitation-inducing moment when you first spot a rattlesnake in close quarters, but I did get to see Brent shout and backpeddle.

I told Zimo and Outdoors Editor Jason Lantz about it, and we ended up swapping our favorite rattlesnake stories for several minutes.

Good news - popular campgrounds reopen

The Lowman Ranger District has re-opened and completed the work in Bear Valley and Fir Creek campgrounds but Bull Trout Campground remains intermittently closed.

The campgrounds, between Lowman and Stanley, were temporarily closed for public safety due to logging activities.

The intermittent and temporary closure will continue to be in effect for Bull Trout Campground through Aug.30 or until the project is completed.

Big mountain bike race set Aug. 2

The longest, continuous-running mountain bike race in the Northwest, the 24th annual Intermountain Orthopaedics White Knob Challenge, will be Aug. 2 in Mackay.

Riders, from professionals to beginners, will mass on Main Street at high noon. That's going to be some sight in this small town.

A fine day of old-school flyfishing

Summer is time for getting back to the basics of flyfishing. I throw on an old pair of shorts, lace up my wading boots, tie a stimulator onto my three-weight fly rod, and hike a mountain stream.

Anywhere it looks like there ought to be a trout, there probably is. And there were probably trout in a lot of places I didn't cast. They're so perfectly camouflaged you can stare at a spot and not see a thing, then carelessly let your fly dangle on the surface and have a fish come up and slam it.

Monday morning quarterbacking - outdoors style (Boise River float)

We decided to take a quick Sunday afternoon canoe paddle on the Boise River from Barber Park downstream. We needed the exercise and wanted to cool off.

It looked like the Western Idaho Fair.

It was wall-to-wall, no make that shore-to-shore rafts, tubes, and inflatable toys.

A family of mergansers looked bewildered, like they were going to move upstream to Atlanta as soon as the babies could fly.

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