Fishing at Duck Valley may start to get hot as the weather cools

Cooler weather at the Duck Valley Indian Reservation waters is improving fishing and it is expected to get better.

Water temperatures have decreased to a more optimal range from 62 to 65 degrees, according to biologists with the Shoshone-Paiute Tribes' Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department at Owyhee, Nev.

Weeds are still a problem but anglers are finding that the edge of the weed patches is one of the best places to fish because that's where the trout are seeking cover and food.

Here's an udpate:

Don't float Boise River from Americana Bridge to Glenwood Bridge

We floated the Boise River from Barber Park downstream in the typical city run Sunday and it was great. It's a good time to float the river because its not crowded.

But, floaters are being warned that they shouldn't float from the Americana Bridge to Glenwood Bridge because there's a tree all the way across the river. It's about a 1/4 mile upstream from Glenwood Bridge.

Idaho River Sports has the warning on its Web site.

You can still float the Boise River

Barber Park was pretty empty for a Sunday when we launched on the Boise River.

Since the tubing concession was closed, most people forget about the river. Actually, it's a pleasant, uncrowded float, even on weekends.

The water is lower, running about 750 cfs, which means you can scrape your canoe over the diversions, if you don't hit the right spot. There are some low riffles.

Other than that, the river is still runnable in a small raft or canoe. The river is also at a great flow for fishing. In fact, we saw more anglers than floaters.

Salmon still swimming at nature center

There are still kokanee salmon swimming around the MK Nature Center and this may be the last weekend to see them.

I was at the Idaho Salmon and Steelhead Days Alaskan Salmon Barbecue last night and saw some of them and they still looked like they were spawning. It's a cool display.

By the way, the grilled salmon, sauted new potatoes and green salad hit the spot, too.

Keep the barbecue in mind for next year. It's a fund-raiser for Salmon and Steelhead Days, a week-long program that teaches school kids about the importance of salmon and the ecosystem.

Help the Idaho Wildlife Federation in conservation efforts during sale Saturday

The place to be Saturday will be at the Idaho Wildlife Federation outdoor-equipment yard sale and barbecue at the Idaho Fish and Game headquarters, 600 S. Walnut St. in Boise.

The federation is an important conservation organization for Idaho and well worth supporting. The organization is currently supporting a program to teach school kids about litter and its effects on wildlife.

There's no such thing as a day hike

The recent news of two hikers being stranded on Borah Peak, Idaho's highest mountain, shows that there is no such thing as a day hike. You've got to be prepared for anything when out in the wilds, like spending the night.

I carry a full daypack that can weigh up to 16 pounds. I get a lot of laughs but if the time ever comes that I have to spend the night in the mountains, I'll be somewhat comfortable.

Here's what's in the daypack:

Full water bottles.

Water filter.

Toilet paper and trowel.

First-aid kit.

Survival gear, including fire starter, a lighter and signal mirror.

R.I.P. for two Idaho grizzlies

I got this e-mail this morning:

"The Idaho Department of Fish and Game in conjunction with the Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team is currently investigating the deaths last week of two grizzly bears in the Island Park area of Idaho. The two grizzly bears were part of the ongoing population monitoring program. More information will be made available as laboratory results become available. Initial observations do not indicate that foul play was involved in the deaths of either bear."

My first reaction to this e-mail was relief that some knucklehead didn't shoot the bears.

There really are grouse in them thar hills

Hunting forest grouse is like looking for a needle in a haystack. There's a lot of country out there.

It's not like cornering a covey of quail in a patch of Russian olives along the Snake River. Grouse can be spread out for miles and miles and you may only accidentally stumble upon them.

Anyway, last weekend we had some pretty good grouse hunting in the Salmon River Mountains. I was surprised at the number of birds we stumbled upon in lodgepole pine and fir country.

Monday morning quarterbacking - outdoors style

It's tough to get acclimated to fall camping.

Last Thursday we published an update on campground closings in Idaho Outdoors magazine and I headed up toward Stanley for some time in the mountains over the weekend.

It was a little bit of a shock when the temperature dropped to 30 at night and the water in the dog's dish froze.

We were at 6,500 feet in elevation. It cooled off from the high 60s during the day to the 50s and 40s late in the evening. Talk about trying to acclimate after warm summer temps in the mountains.

Salmon at MK Nature Center

Idaho Fish and Game has stocked the underwater-stream display at the MK Nature Center with chinook and kokanee salmon.

It's really cool. Get down there this weekend because the fish will be spawned out and probably dead by next week. Don't worry, it's a natural thing. Salmon die after spawning.

A visit to the Nature Center this weekend is a great way to see the fish. The salmon are spawning over the gravel.

There is already one carcass of a large salmon in the stream showing nature's way.

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