Looking for a job? Maybe we can help

Check out our Virtual Career Fair.
You can "wander" the floors and stop at booths. Click on a business and you'll get a description of the business and a list of open jobs. You'll need to create a Career Fair account in order to see a job description and to apply.

Let me know what you think.

Darlene Carnopis
Online Initiatives/Newsroom Technology editor

Planning Vacation Bible School?

If you're planning a Vacation Bible School and aren't sure how to get the word out, try our events calendar.

Go to events.idahostatesman.com and click on "add an event." (you must be a registered user of our site first) It's free to place your event on our site. Someone at the Statesman will approve your event and it will be published to the calendar.

Of course, we're happy to have you list any of your group's events that are open to the public so keep us in mind for future events as well.

Darlene Carnopis
Online Initiatives/Technology editor

An easier way to see our multimedia

We launched a new "widget" this week which we hope will make it easier for you to see our multimedia. If you scroll down the homepage to below the calendar, you'll see the widget.

We eliminated the icons -- now you can click on the words for whatever you want to see (photo galleries, videos, etc). It'll open that group where you can see the three most recent items from each category.

Each time you come back to the homepage, a new category will be open to draw attention to it. We've also added a category for "interactives." These are our explanatory graphics - often with audio or video

Going to the garage sales? Let us help

If you're someone who loves to spend your weekends finding bargains at garage sales, then we've got something for you to check out. Our garage sale map will help you map your route. You can click the box next to the addresses you want to visit. Hit submit route. It'll ask you for your starting address. It'll then bring you back directions between each sale. Or you can type in words for items you are looking for (like furniture or baby clothes) and it will bring up only those addresses with your search words in the ad. One catch: it is only updated on Friday afternoons, so you'll have to wait until then to see the weekend sales.

Be an informed voter

Be an informed voter: Check out our voters guide. Type in your zip code. It'll bring up
the candidates for the primary in your district (Ada and Canyon county races). On this page, you'll also find links to our endorsements and our election stories and others.

New this year, candidates have been given the option of taping a video
so you can hear from them in their own words. Those videos are uploaded on our site. (you'll find a link to those on the same voter guide page) The videos were taped when the candidates came to the Statesman for endorsement interviews.

Kids and moms

Brag about your kids

I'm a mom of a Little League baseball player and a soccer player.
And judging by the packed stands and fields, there are a lot of us out there
supporting our athletes. And I know there are other sports you support. So
brag about your kids. Upload video or send us your pix of Johnny catching
that fly ball or Susie kicking the winning goal.

Send jpg photos to onlinenews@idahostatesman.com and upload video here.

Please note that all materials submitted to the Idaho Statesman may be published or distributed in print, electronic or other form.

Tell us why your mom is the best

We all think we have the best mom in the world. Now's your chance to sing her praises publicly.

Upload a video tribute of your mom to IdahoStatesman.com. You can interview your mom, interview your siblings or just talk yourself about what a great mom you have. You decide.

A team of Idaho Statesman judges will choose the best tribute. The winning mom will win a spa package for her and a guest from Two Rivers Salon & Spa and four tickets to Mother’s Day festivities including brunch, concert and more at The Winery at Eagle Knoll.

Interested? See more details and read all the official rules.

How does your garden grow?

According to research, you like to garden and work in your yard. In fact, residents in the Boise metro area like to garden more than the national average.

We also know you are busy - who has time to go search out information when you can be outside? So we've tried to make it easy for you.

Just go to idahostatesman.com/register to sign up for our new gardening newsletter. You'll get news and information on caring for your lawn or garden, and find out about upcoming local gardening classes and events. Learn from Elaine Walker - a University of Idaho Master Gardener. Plus, get a sneak preview of gardening expert Margaret Lauterbach's weekly column.

Comments on IdahoStatesman.com

When we added the option of comments to stories on IdahoStatesman.com, we had no idea we would see the response that we have. More than 120,000 comments have been posted to Statesman stories or blogs in just over six months.

Some of these comments are thoughtful and move the debate forward. Sometimes they add a perspective that our original story didn't. Most of our comments fall into this category.

But often comments have been racist, profane, personal attacks or inside jokes completely off topic. We get many complaints about these types of comments and when they violate our terms of use as I've described - and when we've been alerted to them - we delete them one at a time. (We simply can't moderate our comments with the volume we get.) When a user violates our policy on multiple occasions, we will send a warning e-mail. The text of the letter is as follows:

How well do you know the news?

Journalists are competitive by nature, so we’re always looking for ways to test and prove our knowledge of the news.

Every Monday morning, we post a quiz based on the previous week's news
events. It's created by the McClatchy newsroom. Sometimes we think the
questions are easy, and sometimes we think they are too random.

But it does bring out the competitive streak -- "I got 80 percent correct,
how about you?" or "Off week for me -- I only got 60 percent correct."

Take the quiz yourself and see how you stack up against your co-workers.
Here's the link for this week's

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