Is three a crowd for Democrats? Or is it an opportunity?

A three-way congressional primary could be the worst thing that could happen to Idaho Democrats.

Or, perhaps, the best thing.

On Wednesday Walt Minnick jumps into the race to take on 1st District Republican Bill Sali style="text-decoration:underline;">(click here for the story). It sets up — maybe for the first time in years — an interesting Democratic primary. Minnick, the Democrats' U.S. Senate candidate in 1996, joins Larry Grant, the former Micron attorney who lost to Sali a year ago, and Rand Lewis of Coeur d'Alene, an international affairs expert.

Craig's role as pariah mutes the Idaho senator's voice on climate change

Sen. Larry Craig has become such a pariah in Congress that anytime he does something public it makes news, not for the issue at hand but because as the Huffington Post shows, it’s him, the toe-tapper who pled guilty to charges related to a sex sting in an airport men’s room.

That means anything he says is likely to be dismissed for its substance. On the climate change issue that’s unfortunate. Craig had thought about the issue for a long time certainly longer than many of his Republican colleagues.

Foothills trails getting muddy

Wow, you've got to love the rain in the valleys and snow in the high country. Finally, some moisture.
But the rains have made Foothills trails muddy and if you've been used to running, hiking or mountain biking on the Boise Front this fall, avoid wet and muddy trails.
I just got back from walking the dog in the Foothills this morning and avoided the trails that I have been using. Instead, I hiked along a dirt road to avoid messing up the trails.
Change your routes and use dirt roads or sandy trails this time of the year. Avoid damaging Foothills trails.
If you leave footprints or tire tracks in the mud, turn back and take another route.

What would you do with a record fish?

Folks are buzzing about the new state record brown trout, and it’s obviously an impressive fish. Words and photos made the front page of The Idaho Statesman and there’s been lots of discussion on the Internet.

There’s another story that hasn’t made the press. It’s not about the big one that got away, but the big one that got let go.

Mike Baker of Kuna caught and released what was possibly a new state record largemouth bass last summer. He sent me a photo of it for the “whopper” in the fishing report, which you will see in Thursday’s Idaho Outdoors.

The current record largemouth is 10 pounds, 15 ounces caught from Anderson Lake in North Idaho by Mrs. M.W. Taylor. That’s all the information Idaho Department of Fish and Game lists. Normally there is more information, including length and girth.

You've got three days to see a potential Oscar doc

To qualify for Academy Award consideration, films need to have a certain number of theatrical runs in the U.S. The Flicks is screening various documentaries to help them qualify for recognition at the Oscars.

The theater is currently showing "War/Dance," a film about Ugandan youths who perform in an annual national music competition despite living in a refugee camp. Showtimes are 4:40 and 9:30 p.m. today (Monday, Nov. 12), Tuesday, Nov. 13 and Wednesday, Nov. 14.

Assault rife or target rifle

Here's an interesting tidbit about shooting.
Just over one third of the sportsmen and sportswomen surveyed recently by HunterSurvey said they enjoyed using the AR-15 rifle for hunting and target shooting.
To nonshooters, the AR-15 looks like an assault weapon or military rifle, and they can't figure out why someone would want one for target practice.
Guess you have to be a target shooter. To the sports shooter, it's just like any other rifle.
In fact, the AR-15 is the most popular rifle in America today, if you are gauging how many are made, according to Tom Gresham of
Rob Southwick of, said the 36 percent who said they enjoyed using the AR-15 seems like a high number.

'Other Studio' playlist from Nov. 11

1. The Killers w/Lou Reed, “Tranquilize”
2. Bloc Party, “Flux”
3. Cansei de Ser Sexy (CSS), “Music is My Hot Hot Sex"
4. Rogue Wave, “Lake Michigan”
5. The Gossip, “Careless Whisper”
6. Radiohead, “Jigsaw Falling into Place”
7. Klaxons, “As Above, So Below” (Justice remix)
8. The Fiery Furnaces, “Ex-Guru”
9. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, “Stop the Bus”

"The Other Studio" airs at 9 p.m. Sundays on 94.9 FM "The River."

Sali's support

It wasn't quite the orchestrated show of GOP support that surrounded Lt. Gov. Jim Risch's launch into the U.S. Senate race, but 1st District Rep. Bill Sali is boasting some big-name backing in his bid for a second term.

In a Saturday news release, Sali said State Schools Superintendent Tom Luna, House Speaker Lawerence Denney and State Treasurer Ron Crane will co-chair his re-election campaign.

Said Sali: "I think their support is a reflection of the growing support I have gained among Idahoans since taking office. I have been working hard to carry on the legacy of leadership established by Helen Chenoweth and Butch Otter, and it’s humbling to have that work recognized by these statesmen."

Texas mining company hopes old Boise Basin mine still has pay dirt.

Another company appears interested in reopening a mine in the Boise River watershed.

Standard Silver Corp., a Texas-based company announced Nov. 7 that it had purchased an old gold mine, the King Mine, located in the mountains between Grimes Creek and Elk Creek 50 miles north of Boise. The deposit, produced gold and silver from the 1890s to the 1940s for the Smith family, of Idaho City, who sold the claim to the Texas company.

With gold prices rising past $800 an ounce old deposits like this take on new interest. It also comes as Treasure Valley residents have become activated against mines that could threaten to pollute the Boise River that supplies their water, irrigation and provides recreation.

Ankle sidelines Jeremy Avery for Utah State game

Boise State freshman running back Jeremy Avery (ankle) did not make the trip to Logan for the Broncos' game with Utah State.

Avery is the team's second-leading rusher with 563 yards and eight touchdowns on 85 carries.

Avery is the 10th Bronco player on the two-deep depth chart to miss a game with an injury or illness.

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