Idaho Newsreader - 09.09.08

Knievel Fest could be a reality • Campground owner guilty of fouling the Salmon • What not to do with your old grenades • Oktoberfest in Twin is on again • Post-Mormons stir the pot with billboards • Phosphate mining is 'big business' in Idaho

Record holder for loudest local TV ad

Is there any way Bruneel Tire Factory's local cable TV commercial can air any louder? Please? Just another couple of decibels, so it would rival a Metallica concert? It's so enjoyable to fall all over yourself scrambling for the "mute" button every time it erupts on-screen, which feels like every 5 minutes during "SportsCenter" or "Monday Night Football." (The volume blast may only be on the HD versions of the channels.)

There are other painfully jarring ads -- including Cable One's own "Now Advertising in HD" acoustic-guitar assault while people raft a river -- but Bruneel's bone-rattling blast is the sonic equivalent of being gang tackled by the entire Chicago Bears defense. It simultaneously startles you into spilling your soda AND wakes your baby in a whole 'nother room. That deserves a trophy.

UPDATE: I find it hard to believe it had anything to do with my whining here, but somebody got the memo. Both commercials aired as I watched SportsCenter 48 hours later, and they were waaay softer. Like, half as loud as before. Wow. I hope that's permanent. Good job! I feel like buying tires at Bruneel and floating rivers in Cable One rafts!
UPDATE II: WRONG!!!! Both ads are back to full ear-splitting volume again. It's awful.

Big week for Boise public school football teams

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Big week for Boise public school football teams

For the first time in four years and the second time since Timberline opened its doors in 1998, three of Boise's four public high school football teams won season openers. Capital topped Boise 14-0, Borah clobbered Columbia 41-12 and Timberline dismantled Kuna 48-27.

Movies opening Friday in the Treasure Valley

Any of these trailers look good to you?

— Bow down, mere mortals, to Pacino and De Niro in "Righteous Kill." Even a mediocre movie with these two guys is probably worth seeing, right?

Brad Pitt and George Clooney get goofy with the Coen Brothers in "Burn After Reading." Will it be consistently entertaining or get old fast?

— There are the ties that bind. Then there is "Tyler Perry's the Family That Preys."

— Girls night! I believe we have a chick flick here, peeps, with Meg Ryan's "The Women." Just guessin'.

— The Flicks gets a mystery-thriller hybrid called "Roman de Gare."

Mackey out for season; Boise State starting lineup changes

Boise State linebacker Daron Mackey will miss the rest of the season after tearing a ligament in his knee, coach Chris Petersen said.

Petersen said it was an ACL injury, but did not know which knee Mackey injured. The junior-college transfer was injured during the Broncos' scrimmage the day after the Idaho State game. The Broncos hold a practice for players who did not play in the game.

Petersen said the Broncos' coaching staff had decided to play Mackey, a junior from Bakersfield. Mackey has three seasons to play two so he will be a redshirt junior next year.

Stone Temple Pilots to be fined about $7,500 by Idaho Center

A rock band took the stage late! Huge news!

OK, not exactly. But Stone Temple Pilots, which started about an hour late Friday at the Idaho Center Amphitheater, is being fined thousands of dollars.

Idaho Center general manager Craig Baltzer said the group will be asked to pony up about $7,500 for rocking 15 minutes past the amphitheater’s 10:30 p.m. noise curfew.

The money will be set aside, Baltzer said. How it is used will be determined after discussions with Nampa city officials.

South Barker tests fire use concept

Joe Jaszewski's story and pictures about the South Barker fire use fire shows that firefighters are not just letting it burn but are acting like peacekeeping forces ensuring it doesn't blow up into a conflagration.

The growth industries: power and firepower?

Power and firepower could be among the state's next two growth industries, according to the state's economic development guru.

The Idaho Department of Commerce has targeted several "promising" sectors in the job market, director Don Dietrich says, and energy companies and firearms manufacturers are on the list.

How much of a priority is saving wild salmon?

Aldo Leopold, the brilliant forester turned ecologist who wrote the landmark book, Sand County Almanac described the great challenge he and others like him, who had an ecological education, faced when viewing the human effects on the natural ecosystems that surround them. “One lives alone in a world of wounds,” he wrote.

Monday morning quarterbacking - outdoors style

It's tough to get acclimated to fall camping.

Last Thursday we published an update on campground closings in Idaho Outdoors magazine and I headed up toward Stanley for some time in the mountains over the weekend.

It was a little bit of a shock when the temperature dropped to 30 at night and the water in the dog's dish froze.

We were at 6,500 feet in elevation. It cooled off from the high 60s during the day to the 50s and 40s late in the evening. Talk about trying to acclimate after warm summer temps in the mountains.

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