The Election Night of the Living Dead

My nomination for the Breathless Press Release of the Week goes to the folks at an outfit called Aristotle International.

The group's annual "Deadwood" survey reveals that 1,833,539 dead voters still live on in election rolls across the country, including 3,426 Idahoans. For a truly ghoulish state-by-state breakdown, click here if you dare.

That's a pretty considerable constituency of corpses.

But it's a serious issue, says John A. Phillips, CEO of Aristotle.

Final 2008 Idaho media high school football poll

Class 5A

1. Eagle (7) 8-0 49

2. Lewiston (4) 8-0 44

3. Highland 6-2 30

4. Capital 7-1 24

5. Vallivue 7-1 18

Is a politician's Social Security number any of my business?

I'm a stalwart advocate when it comes to the public's right to access and inspect public records.

But I'm troubled by an Idaho Democratic Party campaign mailer that focused on tax liens filed against Republican Rep. Bill Sali in 1988 — and displayed Social Security numbers for Sali and his wife.

Wolves continue to do better in Idaho than in Yellowstone

Since the beginning of wolf reintroduction in the Northern Rockies, Idaho and its more than 20 million acres of wildlands has taken a back seat in the debate to Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone simply had more star power for wolf advocates who were seeking a remarkably ambitious program to restore wolves into a region where wolves were hated, poisoned and eliminated. The 2.2 million-acre national park at the core of the greater Yellowstone ecosystem, along with nearby Grand Teton, also offered wolf advocates a place of government control like few places on earth.

Hunting and ATVs

When it comes to hunting or other types of recreation, I'm mostly a non-motorized person. I like hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing and paddling.

But this deer season I had an opportunity to use an ATV. It opened up a new world of thinking for me on the use of four-wheelers.

We hunted an area way back in the middle of nowhere. There was no way of getting back nine miles off the pavement on foot just to get to the canyon that we wanted to bushwhack.

Idaho Newsreader - 10.30.08

High school hit becomes Internet phenom • Teacher facing gun charges allowed back to school • Amphibians disappearing from Yellowstone • CSI, Head Start look to pool resources • Where has all the music gone? • Does a federal speed limit make sense?

Too early for Boise State Orange Bowl prep? Not for Nike

Sports merchandise giant Nike is preparing Boise State merchandise for potential appearances in the Orange, Fiesta, Sugar and Rose bowls.

Don't get too excited: Nike is doing the same for all of its schools with a chance at the Bowl Championship Series.

"As a fan, it's cool for me to be a part of the process. You start getting your hopes up. This is going to be pretty cool," said Travis Hawkes, the owner of the Blue and Orange Store, who visited the Nike campus for a sneak peek at their Fall 2009 line of Boise State merchandise.

While there, he got a look at the bowl game gear.

Jeron Johnson says he must change his ways; thoughts on scheduling

By Chadd Cripe

Boise State sophomore safety Jeron Johnson said there’s nothing the coaches can do to help him avoid the personal fouls that have cost him and the Broncos dearly this season.

“It’s on me,” he said. “… I don’t know how to do it — to think while it’s going so fast — but I’m going to have to figure out something because it’s killing us. It will hurt us in the long run.”

Fresh hop ale tasting at the Boise Co-Op wine shop this Sunday

One of my favorite recent developments in craft beerdom over the last several years is the emergence of fresh hop ales to coincide with the Fall harvest.

Regular readers know I love my hops — which are of course prominently featured in the IPAs, pale ales, stouts, porters, etc ... of the Pacific Northwest.

Adding fresh hops to those recipes in the fall usually adds yet another enjoyable layer to the drinking experience, and this year’s entries have been superb. If you want to get a good idea of what is out there, jet on over to the Boise Co-Op wine shop (across the parking lot from the main Co-Op building at 888 W. Fort St.) Sunday between 2-and-5 p.m. for a free tasting.

Election Night: My Viewer's Guide

Too many elections to think about? Too little time?

Hey, tell me about it. As the Statesman editorial board wraps up the last of its 42 endorsements this week, let me try to make it a little easier for you political watchers.

Here's my reasonably informed yet still ultimately unscientific list of the Top Ten election results to watch.

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