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A great victory for the Boise River!

Kudos to judge Melansen for a sound decision.

irrigators own the rights to the water in the Boise River!!!!!!!

I am not allowed to state the one word that expresses my feelings about that idea!
Because I pay for water from the water company does not mean that I have the rights to all of that water. Just because I pay for electricity from Idaho Power does not (unfortunately) mean that I can control all of the electricity.
I say take away all irrigation rights NOW! Let them find their own water!

Sorry, but as much as I would like

to agree with you, the irrigators had that water long before your little subdivision was a glisten in the developer's eye. Even though they are getting greedy about all this, they WERE here first!

hmmmm. My grandmother, mother, self, children, and grandchildren

were all born and raised in Boise.
We have always tried to keep a balance. This is a dessert. This means fighting over water rights. We do this now and again.
keeps us "those crazy idahoans".


Good luck finding food!! Treasure Valley agriculture is vital to the whole world. We already are poorly managing our fertal ground with our sprawl. If it wasn't for agriculture the city of Boise would still flood every spring because of run off. Agriculture is responsible for the dams, the power generation came later!

Whiskey is for drinkin'

water is for fightin'

Rhetoric aside, Democrats are Republicans and vice versa.

Learn to share

Fish and Game, Ada County, Boise City and Idaho Water Resources went to bat for the Boise River along with the Bureau of Reclamation and they won. They won the ability to keep 240 cfs in the river from Oct 1 to March 31, and all that water equals only five percent of the total river flow in an average year. Five percent over six months. When the other 95 percent of the water is diverted for irrigation, and a good share of that is for our lawns, ball fields and hay for horses, I don't think we are talking about a sky is falling "Good luck finding food" remark from IdahoAg. That last five percent of the water will not make the difference for farmers growing food for people. And if water needs do continue to grow there is ample room for improvement with irrigation practices across this valley where we could more efficiently transmit and apply irrigation water. We could learn a thing or two from eastern Idaho where they have much more sophisticated water management, use center pivots, change cropping patterns, etc. in response to water availability.

Perhaps the irrigation districts who pursued this litigation will learn a thing or two about paying lawyers fees that don't produce an additional drop of water.

thank you for your information and voice of reason.

far out, man ecology wins! Earth rules!

The of Idaho should sue the irrigation companies

for this ludicrous waste of time. Words don't even express the anger I feel at the mentality that treats a living river like a phucking ditch that you can just turn on or off at whim.

Truth is hard to come by

It's basically killing an ecosystem...

...for profit and greed. Agreed, Peej, this is an abomination.

Republicans for Obama / Veterans for Obama

Discussing Western Water Rights


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