9/11 mastermind mounts vigorous defense at Gitmo : comments

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I'll say this about that.........

Most of these detainees have complained about being at Gitmo. I think it's a darned good thing they are at Gitmo. If they were anywhere in the U.S. there may be some question as to whether vigilante justice would be reborn. It's what the SOBs deserve. I won't even say what I would do if given the chance to put these people away. Quietly. Not dead. Locked away in a deep dark dungeon with the rats and snakes for food. No clothing. With their ankles and wrists chained to the walls. And no latrine privileges. Let them live in what they are. And maybe...just maybe we could forget they're there. Until we open a time capsule in 2050.

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The government isn't planning to buy and rescue me

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