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I'm sick of it!

It doesn't matter where in the world you go, elites always get special treatment. I'm sick to death of the rich and powerful creating problems for the rest of us through their greed and negligence. Notice how they never have to deal themselves with the consequences of their actions. Whether Chinese officials receiving the best food or our own "wonderful" leadership, enough is enough!

Been that way since

the first ameoba crawled out of the slime. It was better than the next one.


Palin/McCain '08!!!!!!


Perhaps, but that doesn't make it right. I think we allow them to get away with far too much. I'm just not a big fan of preferential treatment.


The elite, the average Joe, needs a magnifying glass to look down upon you. Your class envy is one of you most distinguishing characteristics. Have you ever considered a bit of self improvement? Maybe set you goals a bit higher? No not you. You want to bring civilization down into the sewer to swim with you. Seems that you resent even your own vanguard class. Well, at least you are in a free country and that is something you apparently fail to appreciate.


You seem to think you know a lot about me. Too bad you got none of it right. My goals are pretty high. I've set a lot for myself and I achieved most of them, so don't lecture me. Did you even read this article? Do you think it's good for those in power to be that insulated from the problems faced by ordinary people?


Ok, I see now, your ideas and ideals are merely Utopian. Are you are a "Leveler". Do you believe in property rights for every man or just those whom you choose. The Chinese elite have a 6000 year history and it is ingrained in the culture. The Chinese elite have every intention of doing another 6000 regardless of the form of government in the future. What are you going to do about it?


What do I believe in? I believe that, in so much as it's possible, everyone should have an equal crack at life. I lived in China for a long time so I know a bit about their history, culture and the politics. I have little sympathy for those cloistered up in Zhongnanhai that have allowed so much abuse to continue in China. The ordinary people suffer. That's the problem I have. I don't think government can solve our problems, but at the very least they should not add to them. If national leaders are too far removed from the actual needs of the common people, I don't see how they can effectively govern.


...I, for one, appreciate your tempered responses and perspective. Others might not be so calm in their response.

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I think it's just because I'm too tired to get worked up. I'm working on a project right now that's had me up late for the last month. Just a couple more weeks, then sleep...This is just a pleasant distraction.

Well, camrong....

...I rarely see you get worked up, so you must do a lot of overtime. Regardless, it is nice to see a less "inbred" opinion speaking out here.

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Yup. I'm trying to complete my second degree while working full time with a six month old baby. I'm working on my senior design project. Sleep is not an option. By the way, I appreciate your comments too. Any thoughtful opinions are nice to hear. I get tired of all the knee-jerk attacks and assumptions.

Wow, camrong...

Your schedule is a lot tighter than mine. Good luck with your project, and congratulations on your new baby. My life is so simple compared to yours. Thankfully :-)

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You make a good point and clearly they do not govern effectively.

I agree with you camrong,

I agree with you camrong, and that is one reason why empires and governments rise and fall, yet through it all, the Chinese as well as Western cultures remain largely unchanged.

Some have no conscience as to the harm they cause others

In China, it's the elitists, in America, it's the GOP.

The bottom line to them is the profits. America has a unique twist to it because so many of the GOP claim to be Christians. What's the saying and "Jesus shed a tear"

The biggest fallacy of the Republican party is they consider themselvs moral but their profit existence depends on their ability to engage minimum wage workers and a permanent poor working class.

Notice they yell like a squealing pig whenever the minimum wage is raised.

Wow, you are a broken record. Please shut up.

You are a hateful little troll and a waste of good bandwidth, not to mention precious oxygen. Just go away.

Truth is hard to come by

Some people just don't care

It's amazing how quickly ethics can disappear when there are profits to be made.

There's no trust left among the Chinese populace for Chinese products. My brother-in-law has been spending a fortune for the last year on baby formula imported from the US. He didn't trust Sanlu or any of the other Chinese brands. At the time, his friends thought he was crazy to be spending that much money.

That's funny Camrong

You actually thought Zeke cared about the Chinese. Obviously he/she only cares that it has a platform to launch the usual hateful diatribe about republicans.

Truth is hard to come by

But China is a Communist country! Everyone is equal and happy!

How can there be elites in China? The perfection of Communism prevents that sort of thing, right?