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Don't think I trust any of them.

Theres more here than meets the eye. Meeks makes sense to me in the Sen finance committee meeting today.

What's he going to say?

Paulie - you're doing a heck of a job!

He's got normal questions.

Who, what, why and how much. Paulie and Bernie didn't have the answers. Just gimmee to solve the probs.

The mets/cubs are a better choice tonight.

This Liberal thought it was a pretty damn good speech.

He explained things rather neatly without assigning blame, conceded the oversight and compensation provisions, old style Reagan populism "Hey, we're effed but here's what WE are going to do about". Not too shabby, urged not urgent, persuasive not insistant.




The only problem is...

The only problem is, he doesn't really understand the problem.
He's willing to give a 'blank check' to the guys who caused it.
It was ment ot make us "feel good" but I dodn't feel overly confident.
I think a bandaid will suffice until Obama is in office.

You DO know

it is Paleloser and Reidelin that cut the checks, not Bush.


Palin/McCain '08!!!!!!

Who is

Paleloser and Reidelin?
Blind loyalty to bad leadership IS NOT patriotic!

Majority (notsomuch)leaders of the congress



Palin/McCain '08!!!!!!


Learn how to spell correctly, A-hole. Maybe more people would pay attention to you.
Blind loyalty to bad leadership IS NOT patriotic!

I spell 'em as I see 'em



Palin/McCain '08!!!!!!

Ya can't spell, ya can't see

That's what you just said, A-hole.
Blind loyalty to bad leadership IS NOT patriotic!

Spell names correctly oneop.

I read and respect your posts, maybe if you do it others will follow. A little credibility should be required here, It won't happen but would be cool.

It'd be really cool....

And Oneop, it would take you to the next level of credibility. Right now you are at Apetolla's level.

Republicans for Obama / Veterans for Obama


that sucks

Sounds like he fooled ya GJ

I thought he was obtuse and arrogant. Like a father telling a nation how THEY all were to blame in some way for the boondoggle and now they must all suck it up and pay for it or suffer dire consequences.

Not at all spoof, said it was a good speech and it was.

He wasn't his usual smirking and scolding from the Rose Garden with his cadre behind him and Cheney lurking in the shadows. Not that I trust him, just thought it was done well considering, certainly not all over the place and panicked like McCain the last nine days.




By year eight they all get so poised by the camera

they could sell a bridge to a desert. I didn't think the speech was good. Again I thought he was condescending in placing the blame to every American and then wanting everyone to pay for their sins by accepting the bailout plan. I say no deal and I'm a guy who will need access to capital markets soon but it ain't about me. I'm willing to pay the price and the only price that will matter will be the one that hurts like hell now. Mark my words. We're getting fed bs to keep us in the war game.

Ok spoof,

I guess you can't at this point give him any credit for finding his audience, I just felt the oversimplifications would pass with the Sali supporting folk, the clay of the new west, you know, morons. And get the far right on board with this little slice of socialism and he threw slops to the dems with the oversight and ceo compensation for some cover.

I get crap here for never giving Bush credit, cynical though it may be, as political theater or whatever you want to call it was well crafted IMHO, and beats the s**t out of the McCain camp head with the chicken cut off act.




Bush Lies

Sounded just like his 9/11 speech.

Bush Lies Masmith2...

I didn't catch the part about who we're going to invade..

Remember his speech on Global Warming?

The good news: He admitted Global Warming was REAL

The bad news: He wanted to invade the Sun.

I was disappointed...

I was disappointed, I was expecting an apology to the citizens of the United States.
Something along the lines of "My fellow Americans, I come to you with a heavy heart. I beg your forgivness for all my policies and plans that went amuck. From the Invasion of Iraq to the housing crisis and this financial failure. I know you hired me to do a good job, and I failed you."

Not from those scum, Farang

Blind loyalty to bad leadership IS NOT patriotic!

Let's not be uncharitable farang, you must know that an

apology is far, far too much to ask for. The best we can do is get an acknowledgement of the problem, some concessions to sugar coat it and we kick the can to the next administration.




F_ck Bush, Buffet acted!

I have to go throw up now!

Excellent point, spoof.

Anyone know who exactly is getting 'bailed out'?

All the propaganda is about overextended homeownwers and the institutions who carry the paper. How about the private sector debt, auto-student-business-credit card debts. Haven't seen anything about commercial debt yet. How about S&Ls-CUs and your local banks. Are we bailing everything except you and I out?

Under Paulson's original

Under Paulson's original plan, we would not know exactly who is getting bailed out until the money was spent. He wanted $700B with no oversight and no possibility of judicial or congressional review. SCARY!

Only the large influencial institutions will be bailed out

The same ones who lobby and send money to Washington to control it. That's who! You and I are the fall guys. Don't let them do it. We must take our licks to get them to take their licks. Let them fall, there salvaged assets will get bought up!

By who spoof? Who's liquid enough in this market?

China? The Saudis? Dubai?

My God you've got me defending THEM.

I feel dirty.




That is exactly right GJ

That is what this is all about! I believe our Government and Industry has let it come to this. They have the liquidity to come control both aspects of our society. We're done! The bail out will take place but it will be amended by the Dems and more controls and regulation will be attached to get it to fly. They have no choice. This is where we are. Stick it to the tax payer or let outside countries come buy us up and effectively end the free market and democracy. This is scary stuff.
We are poised for them to run their capitalistic machines right up our back door. The sad thing is we became so complacent we let them in.

Our country via Government and Enterprise has forsaken us! Make no mistake about it!

You spoof

are hysterical. Stop reading Kos and DU, power down your computer, back away slowly, and get a grip. Seriously. This is a liquidity crises, have a drink.

Somebody, of course not!

Remember, these are Bush's guys. I think Bush, Bernacke, & Paulson all thought this was going to be another Slam Dunk - just like the Iraqi war.

Their hope was to play the FEAR card instead of acting out of true leadership and taking responsibility. It worked before with their supporters and even their non-supporters (REMEMBER THE OLD, IF YOU ARE NOT WITH US, YOU ARE WITH THE TERRORISTS) so they wanted to apply the same pair vice grips this time to get their way.

It has been over a week and we are still afloat. I think congress needs to take them to task and make sure this deal is in the best interest of American Citizens.

Exactly somebody.

It can't happen this way. I'd prefer to let them fail, we can't just give the money. Oversight or not I'm against it.

Why should those who have been prudent

share the burden of those who have not been prudent. I don't buy this suppposedly necessary bail out for the banking/credit industry.



Wouldn't be pruuudent, no Sir, naught gonna dooo it...




Some think Bush is having another WMD moment

There is no trust of this guy anymore. And that was from a Republican.


The Bush administration today recommended the most significant regulatory overhaul in the housing finance industry since the savings and loan crisis a decade ago.
NY Times 2003

''These two entities -- Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac -- are not facing any kind of financial crisis,'' said Representative Barney Frank of Massachusetts, the ranking Democrat on the Financial Services Committee. ''The more people exaggerate these problems, the more pressure there is on these companies, the less we will see in terms of affordable housing."
NY Times 2003

Truth is hard to come by

Bush looked dead

You could see the panic attack in his eyes. His legacy will be next to Herbert Hoover.