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Great day for Football

Very nice article. I'm very impressed with the Statesman coverage of your team. It's much better than many larger papers for larger schools with several articles every day. I'm thrilled to see my team take on BSU and I'm excited to go there Sept 5, 2009 and see the blue turf. I think Boise State will cover the spread and not win, but anything could happen. I'm hoping for a good game with no major injuries for either side, and I hope you bring tons of fans. Have a great time!

Wow. Nice record ducks. Hope you all

do not take on the nasty attitude Okie fans did if BSU pulls an upset. Had supper with folks last night who were in Okla. last year and were frightened to say they were from Boise. That attitude dovetells with their coach, who I class lower that June.

Oregon 42.........Boise 17

I am a genius!

"I can see Russia from my house"


hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..way to go genius...hope you didn't make any major bets.


Not so much.

Intimidating? What?

"Oregon's Autzen Stadium one of the most intimidating places in football"

ARE YOU KIDDING? This is the most absurd headline yet, coming from a paper that prides itself on the ridiculous. No, a college stadium holding 45,000 people is NOT one of the most intimidating places to play, or even near it. Gee, nevermind Death Valley, the Big House, the Shoe (the real Shoe in Columbus, not the "Shoebox" in Boise) Neyland, the Colliseum, the list goes on. No, it's tiny Autzen that NCAA players around the nation fear. There are more intimidating high school stadiums in Texas, Ohio, and Florida.


I disagree

I'm not sure if you're just trying to get people going or if you really think that but there is a reason that Autzen is consistantly ranked in the top ten toughest places to play for college football.



"Per square yard, the loudest stadium in the history of the planet."
- Keith Jackson, ABC Sports.

"The Autzen Bounce causes deafness in laboratory rats."
- Dennis Dodd, CBSSportsline.

"Q: What would you say the loudest stadiums are? Corso: I think Autzen Stadium. Per person, the Oregon stadium is the loudest stadium I've ever been in. The fact that it's so low to the ground doesn't allow the sound to escape."
- Lee Corso, ESPN GameDay.

"If you've never been to a game at Autzen Stadium do yourself a favor and get there soon. One word for the experience. Loud. Hurt your ears loud. Make them bleed loud. The Big Ten has nothing as loud as Autzen."
- BigTenTailgate.com

"Per capita, Autzen is the loudest venue in all of college football."
J. Brady McCollough, The Michigan Daily.

"It's very tough. The crowd there is unbelievably educated on when to be loud and when to calm down when they have the ball. It's just a very tough environment with the noise and just trying to communicate."
- Jeff Tedford, Cal HC

"They are very difficult to beat at home. The crowd is, from every report I get, from every coach I've spoken with, a real factor. You have to learn to communicate without talking, because talking doesn't do you any good."
- Lloyd Carr, Michigan HC (before playing at Autzen).

"That's the loudest stadium I've ever been in."
- Lloyd Carr, Michigan HC (after playing at Autzen).

"Crowd noise is almost an unfair advantage. You can't check plays, you seemingly have less time on the play clock and everything starts to feel really rushed."
- Troy Taylor, Cal QB

"They're going to be loud from the first snap until the last snap. They are right on top of you and they're just relentless."
- Barry Alvarez, Wisconsin HC.

"You can hear a pin drop when their offense is on the field, and when our offense is out there, it's like being in a thunderstorm."
- Thomas DeCloud, Cal Safety.

To tell you the truth, it doesn't seem that loud to me, but I'm always yelling too. The stadium's front rows are only about fifteen feet from the sidelines and the bowl shape seems to funnel sound to the field. The capacity is around 55,000 now and they get real close to 60,000 with standing room only. I think it was louder before the expansion when capacity was in the mid 40,000. They changed the roof and that seemed to let some sound out. I hope you get the chance to hear it for yourself some day, you'll probably change your mind.



I would suggest going to a game at Autzen before you say that....

ESPN Game Day

Just listened to Corso & Company on ESPN Game Day and they said, "The Autzen Crowd is going to pummel them" and that Oregon will win big. Meanwhile, I've been paying attention to a lot of the comments you folks make regarding the Bronco opponents and it just seems a lot of you folks have an identity crisis...we'll just see how ready BSU is for the big time today.

You're right.

We did see how ready they were. As for the game day crew predictions, they always say that when an underdog mid-major goes to play at a top 25 BCS team. Fortunately for the Broncos, the game isn't won by majority vote, it's won on the field. 37-32 BSU over Oregon. I really like saying that.

Looking forward

Looking forward to a great game. Can't help but notice all of the great comments from the Ducks fans. Sounds like you live in a great town with great fans. Not only do they seem to have respect for BSU football, but the posts I have read have been really helpful to our fans that are visiting their city (where to eat, stay, etc.).

Please ignore some of the very rude comments you will see on these posts, they are normally from the same people that like to stir up trouble no matter what the article is about.

Go Broncos!!!

Difficult to ignore

Some of the comments I've read on this site the past several weeks...particularly those directed towards Idaho. There are a lot of us here in Eugene who followed David Vobara's career at Idaho and I've read comments that were downright insulting. Idaho has played UO several times in Eugene over the past years and they've always had a respectable team on the field.

Idaho vs BSU

I have to agree with you on some of the comments thrown between BSU and Idaho. I think a lot of the problem is that a lot of Vandals fans have moved to Boise. Therefore it is just not smack talk during a BSU and Vandals game; it goes on all the time.

I don't know how many Vandals fans will support any team that BSU is playing against. It does get under your skin when someone that lives in Boise is cheering another team on that BSU is playing and you ask them if they are from that town, normally you get the response, no I'm a Vandals fan and I hate BSU.

I myself try real hard to backup BSU first, then Idaho as they are an Idaho team and part of the WAC, and then all other WAC teams.

But it does get a little hard sometimes. I remember a few years ago, I was with some friends and family at a local golf course watching the game, unfortunately we lost that game (forgot who we played). I was taking my grand kids (about 5 and 7 at that time) for a walk around the course. Some Vandals fans stopped their cart and asked us who won. After I told them BSU lost, they started throwing insults (including bad language) at BSU and Boise in front of my young grandkids. These were people in Boise on a Boise golf course (and were probably Vandals fans that lived in Boise).

I realize there are some BSU fans that go too far the other way to. I wish all WAC fans could support each other, including BSU and Idaho.

Every school has bad apples.

The fans that have to go for the shock value and see how offensive they can be. BSU has them, Idaho has them, BYU has them, everybody does. The key is, don't judge of of a team's fans by the actions or words of a few jerks.

The East Carolina fans last year, and the Oregon fans this year have mostly left courtious, friendly messages and demonstrated good sportsmanship. Most of the Oklahoma fans I know were the same.

I grew up in Eagle and have been a BSU fan all my life. But I always cheered for the Vandals and the Bengals whenever they weren't playing BSU. It's getting harder to cheer for Idaho the more comments I read from their alumni, but I just have to remember, they speak for themselves, and not for all Idaho fans. The same goes for the offensive BSU posters.

Go Broncos!

Without a doubt

Autzen stadium is one outstanding venue. I truly enjoyed going to games there and the tailgaters put us to shame - it's a real ritual. There is a great deal of pride in their team and facility. Now, go BSU and beat the pants off them. BSU still is an awesome team. Go Broncos!!!

Already thinking up excuses for losing?

This article reads like we're already coming up with excuses for losing before the game even starts.


Good excuse in advance!


Since the Broncos won, no excuses are needed. It just makes the win that much more imoressive. 37-32 Broncos over Ducks! In Autzen Stadium. The first mid-major to win there since 1994. Only the second OOC loss for Oregon at home in the Belotti era. That's a great win!

Yes, Oregon has the home

Yes, Oregon has the home field advantage. Their players will also be fired up but it isn't their first home game this year so they won't be quite as excited. BSU players just need to keep their cool and welcome the opportunity to play a top 20 team. BSU will need to play well in order to have a chance to win. They will need to minimize their mistakes which isn't easy playing away from home, against a very good team and with a lot of young players. One strength I think BSU will have is Moore at quarterback. Even if Oregon puts a lot of pressure on him which I expect they will try especially with their speed and the fact he is a freshman, I think he will handle it well. It will be up to the coaches to call the right plays to allow Moore to handle the pressure. He needs to get rid of the ball fairly quickly which means a lot of short routes. If he is effective at this, then Oregon will try to tighten up on the short passing game which will then open up the intermediate to long passing game. I expect Moore to have a big day. I don't expect BSU to be able to run the ball very well. It won't be a run away by Oregon if BSU defense can hold their own. I expect a fairly low scoring game if the BSU defense can hold up. My guess would be Oregon 27 and BSU 21.

I assume freethinker73...

...has never been to a game at Autzen and doesn't monitor commentary across the country from those who have. Oregon is Nike's adopted child and they have the advantages of a rich parent able to convey all of the marketing and sport science money can buy. The university is "it" for Eugene and the citizens pour their hearts into the Ducks. I look forward to Boise doing the same for its Broncos. But, go Ducks!


Came into this game thinking Boise wouldn't stand a chance... but am having second guesses for some reason!! Had lunch w/ Mike T. and he says they're ready for the n-o-i-s-e!! I think they are going to pull it off, or atleast take their A GAMEEEEE!!!

hmmreally..........Oregon 42.........BSU 17

Because I am a genius.

"I can see Russia from my house"

BSU 24 Oregon 6 at the half

I do not think you are using the word "genius" correctly.

Just my contribution to the smack talk.

Genius in the same respect that...

Genius in the same respect that:
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Yes, Genius is probably correct in that respect... ;)

Why bring politics

into some just good fun sports trash talk? Can't anyone just have a good time without starting the name calling crap?

go broncos! From ESPN.com:

"Oregon has 221 total yards and just 27 have come through the air. The offense has become so predictable that the Autzen crowd has started booing its team."

"Honestly, if you didn't know which team was ranked in this game, you might think Boise State was in the Top 15. That's how crisp the Broncos have been and how owned Oregon has looked."

I like it.

Me too!

Logic tells me we're gonna lose, but I can't ignore the good feeling in my gut. Pete needs to have the players do something off the wall and silly, just to get the intimidation off their minds. GO BRONCOS!!!

Don't underestimate

the chip on the Broncos' shoulder. They're going in to claim their stake in the Northwest. The Ducks (and their fans) will be rooting for Oregon to win, but they can lose this game and still go to the Rose Bowl.

I have two words for everyone.....

GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

I have one word and an acronym for you...


Forgot something

Their Mascot

Check out this link

Love that clip

He actually got suspended for a game!

Knowledgable ???

If you think Duck FOOTBALL fans know their stuff ... take in a major track meet at Hayward Field ...

Frickin' mensa gathering ...


Great article, and I don't envy our Broncos playing in that stadium with that crowd today. No predictions, but I hope that they can leave with their hearing intact.

Republicans for Obama / Veterans for Obama


I wonder if Tom Scott will set another record for the number of times he uses the word "Great"!

Go BSU!!!

What a game!

We won??

Wow. I really thought we were going to lose that one. Well I'm pleasantly surprised.

Lets just hope

The kids don't let it go to their heads.

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So I wonder if the duck fans will come back here

I wonder if the duck fans will be back....Naaaah. Ducks probably don't lie eating crow in a humble pie. Nice job BSU way to bring it home!!!!