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It makes me sick to my stomach that people would willingly watch the torture of an innocent child. Mr. Groene had every right to be upset that the courtroom was not closed...shame on Judge Lodge. Really, what purpose was served by showing this sickening display of Duncan's pure evilness? The only thing it did was allow Duncan to once more live out his sick and evil fantasies....for once I am ashamed of the justice system.

It Did More Than That

It sealed his fate. There's no doubt in my mind that he'll be executed. I'm glad I didn't have to watch it, but I believe it was necessary for the jurors and the judge to see it. Now, lets get on with the sentencing.

Wonder if Duncan the Attorney

will appeal his case all the way to the Supreme Court? If the jury finds he should be executed I wonder if another court will overturn their decision? If they decide he should not be executed then they most certainly could be considered a jury of HIS peers.


it does seal his fate. The problem is that the courtroom was not sealed....why?? WHY does anyone besides the jury and the judge need to see this horror?? It's absolutely disgusting and a perversion of the justice that the Groene family deserves.

That's just the problem with the death penalty...

If that's what it takes to get the death penalty, then there's something wrong with the whole system. This is such a circus freak show it's unfathomable to me. Like others have said, this is Duncan getting the last laugh, and Thomas Moss getting a glorious feather in his cap. Let Duncan rot in prison for the rest of his life, better yet, give him hard labor breaking rocks.

And what is just as horrifying

is that the Statesman and other media outlets continue their sick and twisted tabloid reporting of this trial.

This entire case should have been a closed hearing with no media access.

Dont Feed

the Duncan troll. It's what he wants.

The public needs to know how sick

and perverted pedophiles can be in order to make informed decisions about implmenting Amber alerts, Jessica's laws and whether or not they want a sex offender half-way house in their neighborhood. Some of these offenders don't just fondle kids they are horrific in their sexual acting out. How many of us knew how bad the two kids suffered prior to this? How many of you will emphatically warn your children or grandchildren how cautious they should be from now on?

You still don't know exactly what Duncan did to the kids.

Unless you viewed the video, you don't know. And those who viewed it aren't talking. You are just using your imagination and you could have done that before, and probably have.


I may have used my imagination but I could never have conceived of what he put the kids through. I do not need to view the videos, Shasta's spoken testimony or the transcripts presented by the Statesman was enough for me as well as the testimony presented here by the FBI investigators.

You are contradicting yourself

You say they need to show the video so the public can make informed decisions about child predators. But you say you don't need to see the video to know how awful. So why again do they need to show the video?


I didn't say the public needs to SEE the videos, I said the public needs to know what occurred...and just like I did reading what the Statesman reported should suffice. The jury needs to see the videos.

C'mon Cherenkov, if he's was a sick enough bastard to

tape it and you yourself can read the reactions of the Courtroom, you must be able to acknowledge that is is likely far worse than you or I can even imagine.


I didn't intend to defend him

Someone said showing the video is justified so we can know how badly he abused the kids and know how bad child predators can be. I am just saying you aren't finding out how bad it was because you didn't see the tapes. You are only imagining. I don't know what he did, do you? You will probably say you don't want to know the details. Then I say why show the video.

The real reason there were a couple of observers is that public trial is the law in the U.S.A. And while there is reason to close the courtroom for something this apparently awful, a couple of public witnesses protects the court from future appeal on the basis that the trial was not public.

No Real Justice...

It is horrifying that the judge let people who had no official reasoning watch that video. There can be no real justice for this perversion of humanity, an easy electrocution is much too good for this-this thing. I would not have more money spent on it, but I do not feel that a simple execution is punishment enough for it.

Maybe there will be a malfunction in the lethal injection

administration system. You know, slowly eat his brain away as he feels every bit of it yet is paralyzed and so cannot scream.... Better yet, jump start the sucker back up after flatline and bury him alive.


For the love of God lets end this now!


I totally agree, Enough of this crap. He's guilty, he said he did it, why in the world does this have to go on and on????? In Print, In video, on and on in the statesman like they want to torture all of us. Dispicable on all accounts. Get on to the gallows with this creep and let this child, who is no longer an innocent child by the way, TRY and put a life together. I have never been more disgusted in my life. There is no excuse for this to go one day further. It's over. There is NO defense, Duncan is SATAN, It's OVER. Why continue to torture this child and her father every time it gets discussed. Sickening.

It Won't Be Long

It will all come to a halt soon. Let us see how fast the jury comes back when they deliberate. And, how long the second phase takes if eligibility for the death penalty is found. Even if he gets life without, he'll be sequestered away in solitary for many years. Most state corrections don't let this type high profile inmate out into the population. Wisconsin and Damer were and exception. Think . . . once the "Green River Killer" went away, you never have heard one updated "news" story about him. Maybe the state of Idaho will do the same. "Out of sight out of mind!" Whatever happens - Happens! None of us can change that.

I think ...

He'll end up on federal death row in Indiana, home to 50+ others. There have only been 3 executions since 1998. I really don't like the death penalty, but beleve in this case he probably should be executed - and burned at the stake. He is pure evil ...


I am curious too as to how much time the jury will take to deliberate this one. I would think it would be in record time but depending on the judges instructions it could take a little longer but I would hope not much longer.

No imagination needed...

Agreed the evidence is overwhelmingly damning. The jurors won't need an imagination to see how sick this guy really is.
The prosecuter has shown this is a level of human that has no redeeming qualities and needs to be put down. Not one juror will hesitate to vote to put him down.

I have to say that the prosecutor and Judge

are now accomplices.

With the Statesman right along with.

Take a moment for Shasta and dad today, and the jurors that had to witness this.

Just let us know IF and WHEN Duncan dies.

Ever heard of Thomas Eugene Creech?

He's been on death row for how many decades... three almost four I think. Still not dead. This is Idaho, not Texas.

Do you really think that they will excute Duncan? He still hasn't answered charges for the murders of the rest of the Groene family.
No! Dream on, no matter whether he will get the death penalty, it won't be carried out any time soon, if ever.

This is not an Idaho Trial

It is just taking place in a federal courtroom in Idaho. Idaho will not execute Duncan, at least not based on this trial.

You have to wonder...

What Judge Lodge was thinking in refusing the request of both parties....
"The judge rejects both Duncan's request not to show the tapes he made while abusing Dylan Groene AND the plea by Dylan's father to close the courtroom."
You have to wonder if this had been HIS child if he would have allowed the showing of this horrific tape...I think NOT!
This sentencing hearing has turned into a 3 ring circus and we should ALL be ashamed of the justice system for allowing this to happen. Serious questions should be asked of Judge Lodge for his part in it as well! Mr. Groene, Shasta and their family have endured so much...Let them move on.

For once he showed remorse...

Ok cre8tive for once Duncan showed a glimmer of remorse because he did not want the videos shown and by the judge making him watch them again while showing this glimmer of remorse it made him relive the fact of what he did to these children. It was also essential for the jury to see the tapes because it should have sealed his fate to execution. If it were my child on that tape I would have left the court room during the showing but I would have wanted a jury to see it so that they knew how monsterous this man was and that he deserves to die for his actions. Now believe me it would be difficult but I would do it so that my children would have justice.

kill him

He should never have a chance to live he didn't give his victims a chance so don't give him chance send him to hell were he belongs. my his victims rest in peace.

Has anyone thought...

That maybe the reason the judge didn't close the courtroom is because he wants people to be aware of what these kind of people (Duncan) are doing to children and why would should all be watching our children closely. Also it was the justice system that let Duncan out in the first place by making people watch what this man did maybe it will make the people on the parole board think twice about who they are releasing on parole. I never want to see this video but as a person in the criminal justice field I already know the dangers of predators but some people are naive in believing that everybody has nice side. Sometimes it takes people seeing reality to believe that there really are monsters out there.

Shame on those

... who didn't have any need to be in the court room. And, shame on the judge for allowing them to stay. There is NO need to educate 'us' on what Duncan did. We can figure it out - we don't need the details.

I believe Groene had every right to start making citizens' arrests where people were watching the torture of a child just because they could.

I'm no Pollyanna and normally I wouldn't comment on a case like this, but the actions of the judge and spectators really makes me sick to my stomach. I'm fundamentally horrified that people would stay, AND that they would ignore the father's pleas.

I would disagree

the tapes were shown in the courtroom to show the jury what happened and to leave no room to debate the issue. Why should the Judge favor Duncan by not allowing the video? Shame on those who stayed inthe courtroom, just to view the video - that was the part that I don't understand.

shame on those

If the judge ordered people out of a PUBLIC trial, then the defendant would have cause on appeal to have the judgment thrown out. His rights to a speedy and public trial (US Constitution, Amendment 6) would be violated.

duncan sicko

put him in the yard at maximum security and make sure all the inmates know who he is.
saves us money that way. and he will get what he gave


Duncan is trying to play the system. There will be an attorney { low life snake } out there who will find that Duncan's 'rights' have been violated somehow, somewhere and go to bat for him.
This case will not end soon. I vote to lock him up in general population and then close the case for good.

All the tax payers money being spent on this should be spent on S.G. and her family instead. They need all the help they can get.