Ex-ISP chief Dan Charboneau critical after rafting accident : comments

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Notice to Adventure Seekers....

Notice to Adventure Seekers:
If you're really fat and out of shape, stay on the Boise River.
White Water Rafting can demand physical exertion. When you are unprepared or unable, you put others at risk.

For the record he isn't

For the record he isn't "really fat and out of shape".


I don't know him, but I saw who the News said he is on a "clip" from eariler days.
If it were him, I'd say he's got more chins than Chinatown and if fat were an address, he'd have his own zip code...

how clever saigon 74

too bad we can't see a picture of you. my guess...microcephaly

He has been floating most of

He has been floating most of the rivers in Idaho for years. It was just a freak accident.

I agree. This is a annual

I agree. This is a annual trip for him and his friends.

Not really

Sounds like he went with a company. On a guided trip the guests just sit in the boat, take in the sun and get doused.

When I was guiding...

When I was guiding some Fat, out of shape folks from Cal. lied on the phone to the gal booking the trip. I was stuck with 4 smoking, beer drinking fat people. Husbands and wives, who told me they were experienced rafters. I took them at their word and guided a trip through the South Fork Canyon in a paddle (not oar) boat. Before we got to "Big Falls" they wanted OUT. To bad, there's no take out until we get to "Little Falls".... it was the longest day of their lives and mine too...


I hear ya. That could ruin a trip real quick. We just floated that stretch last weekend. What a high! I bet they had a heck of a time carrying the raft around Big Falls! LOL

HE isn't FAT!!! He has lost

HE isn't FAT!!! He has lost over 200LBS!!! Find out all the information before you write crap like this about people!

Was it Jenny Craig???

Was he on the Jenny Craig diet?
I'm speaking from the interview that was aired on the News..
If he lost >200 lbs and still looked like that, wow....

Old photo

The photo you saw is probably an old photo.

Glad to hear

I am so glad to hear he has lost so much weight. I was kind of wondering what he was doing out there. I hope he recovers so he can go out again! My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

then you understand

Since you were a daytripper guide then you should understand. A typical Middlefork setup is five oarboats and a paddleboat. That way if you are overweight, handicapped or just want the experience without the exertion you can park it in an oarboat.
My point is not to discourage people from trying this experience. Hell maybe they will like it so much they'll do it enough and get in shape.
I'm sorry you had such a bad day with those guys but that's just a chance you take every time your job involves dealing with the public.

I'm kinda fat

could stand to lose 1 or 100 pounds, but you wouldn't be sorry to have me paddling beside you on a raft, and I can hold my own and them some during the portages. It's isn't just the extra poundage, it's what else you are carrying (like a little muscle too.)


Fires last year in that area set the stage for these kind of land slide events. The river at Riggins has been like chocolate milk for 5 days.

Get Well Soon Chief

Hope you're back to doing the things you love soon.

White water rafting is no

White water rafting is no place for the weak of heart or out of shape. We went last weekend and the safety of the raft, and its occupants, depends upon each persons ability to "dig in" when you need it. The two front people should be strong paddlers.

The rest of the story

First this was not an Adventure Seekers trip, this group is very expericenced in rafting, 19 people, 7 Catarafts and two round boats, three people max on any boat. Also one Par-medic, two EMT's and a whole lot of first aid knowledge. Also a emerency transmitter, but no Sat phone. This accident happened at Tappen Rapids which is a group of four different rapids and falls. Six of the nine boats had proceeded thru the run with no problems other than running up on a rock. Dan was alone on the Cat and lost his ore it pulled from his hand by the water, he tried to grab it and lost is balance falling in the water. Down river we had throw rodes ready and two of our group jumped into the water and pulled him out. He was placed on back borad and staped down. Life flight was notified by the er transmitter and confirmed by a Sat phone from an outfitter group. As for Dan's weight so what, he has lost about 200 pounds in the last two year's. He is 6-5 and 240 today. This group has rafted together for year's on the Main, Middle fork, and a number of other river's. Condition's were not great that is true, but once you get in the water on the Middle fork of the Salmon river the only way out is on the water, fly or walk.


Your story was more informative then the statesman. Nice work getting him help too.

Thank You

It's rare someone actually creates clarity on any issue in these comment sections. I hope Dan gets well soon and that his injuries won't prevent him from doing what he loves in the future.

Thanks for the 'real' story!

Thanks for the 'real' story!

As far as Dan's condition goes...

He's lost over 200 pounds... I've seen him bench press an off road motorcycle off of himself like it was a pillow...

He's plenty strong to take care of himself...

And as far as the river goes, with the fires lately, the mudslides are unbelievable. I saw what one thunderstorm did to the Main Salmon at Kitchen Creek. It turned a section of river that you could float in an inner tube into a non floatable area....

I agree with what they said earlier... Once you start...

Dan is a strong man.

I met Dan in '93 and was surprised how strong he was for a large guy. He is a fighter with a good heart, and with the support of his family and friends, come through this to enjoy Idaho's outdoor again.
Get well soon.


I know my post is a while late, but to see the posts that people have put up make me absolutely sick. My mother worked under him before he went to the ISP. So I pretty much got to grow up with him and know him for a real person. NONE of you would meet a person that was such a gentle giant in your life, this man was strong at heart as well as mind and body. as for the post above, yes I believe that he could bench press a motorcycle like a pillow, I remember him moving a 500lb safe for his secretary using only but his hands. Dan is a great man, and I feel for his loss. So if you don't know someone, don't be the first to judge. You have no right, he obviously was the one that was doing something with his life.... What were you doing.