Ted Simplot charged with misdemeanor public intoxication in Downtown Boise : comments

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Yea, but has anyone seen

the hat?

Is there a reward for the hat?

Has anyone checked ebay?

Party on dude!!!

If I was a Simplot I would get drunk too!

fo shizzle

I'd be getting REALLLY drunk and partying every night!
I'd invite everyone else too. And free cab service for the posse - Simplot Cab Co. Hang with the Simplotpimp and you get free drinks, free fries, and a free ride home. How big would that posse be?

I used to . . .

work with the guy. He's even belligerent and full of himself when he's sober.

What a jerk . . .

Their cousin Will...

...is a mean drunk as well. I saw Will Simplot get his arse whooped on at a party one night. It runs in the family I guess.

Could have been worse.

I remember reading the paper some time ago when I saw the name of an uppity fellow I use to hang with back in high school many, many years ago. He was arrested in downtown Boise as well. The charge? Excreting human waste. Printed right there in the paper. LOL! Dude was drunk, and got busted for pinching a loaf in an ally.

If only I could have been a fly in the cab of that cop car when it turned down the ally.

"You arrest him".

"No...YOU arrest him"


...dude went all Nolte in DoBo.

The Mad

Hatter must have the hat......looks like he could have used a helmet

I hope he gets the help he needs

obviously he has a problem with alchohol.


Alcoholism develops predictably and progressively. One can hide it for only so long.

Probably could use a hooker too!!!!!!!


Did he pull the classic "Do you know who you're dealing with?"

line on the cops? I love it when rich folks do that.


I was thinking along similar lines

Listen to me, you goddem flatfoot, my grandaddy built this town...

Drunken Simplot

His daddy thought he was above the law, so it's no surprise that Sonny does too.


Who was his dad?


New here? His dad was J.R. Simplot. One of the most important figures in Idaho's agricultural growth over the last 60 years, and the money behind Micron. He owned the mansion on top of that big green hill on Bogus Basin road.


Is Ted a son or a grandson? If J.R. was 99 when he died, it sounds more like a grandson than a son.

Ted is JR's oldest grandson

NOT his son.

I doubt if the cops would have arrested him if JR was still alive. His influence kept more than one family member from having a record, including Scott.


He is the son of Richard Simplot.

My bad



Did he have any trouble posting bond?

Well, he was definitely intoxicated in public.
Guilty as charged your honor.


for a party in Banberry?


OK, OK, he is Jack's grandson, not his son. But the belief one is immune from the law can be genetic, particularly gilded families.


You're sure making a lot of assumptions.

gilded families

And if his name wasn't "Simplot" we would'nt be reading about it. How's that for gilded?

That's true, aussie, but

I do remember reading once (somewhere near the obits, i think) about a 63 yr old woman & her mom getting arrested for public drunkenness for walking home from the bar. They obviously should have driven. Thank goodness our brave officers saved us from THAT threat to american values.

Neurolux Tip Sheet Strikes Again!

Once again the Idaho Statesman recycles the news from the Neurolux Message Board!


I saw it on KTVB before I saw it here. As intriguing as the NMB is I don't think they have the corner on every breaking story in town.

KTVB lifts from NMB too!

And if you had looked it was on NMB prior to KTVB.com

He looks great in that

He looks great in that picture! Do do suppose he used the "F" word at all?

How Stupid Can You Get

Being verbally abusive to law enforcement. Really, how not in your own best interest to do it. I see the genes didn't take on the brain side just on the physical characteristics side. Grow Up little man!

Are Cops.........

Allowed to be verbally abusive to their arrestees? Maybe they should also be arrested.


I think the respect is mutual.

He has had run-ins downtown

He has had run-ins downtown with the police before. He is a total lush and very beligerant (sp?) when he has been drinking. I have had 10 years experience bartending downtown, so I do know. And yes, I do know him personally.


So far the Neruolux Message Board has got scoreboard on the Statesman. Take that Popkey and Hahn. Get your newscoverage from the real source.


What do you know...another famous Idaho name on the wrong side of the law. THANK GOD he didn't claim to have a wide stance on the john and hasn't been quoted as saying "Let me be clear"...then we'd be hearing about him on Leno and Letterman tonight and getting bobble dolls of him lunging forward!

obviously needs help

Me thinks he drinks too much and can't hold his liquor, obviously not very bright to verbally assult a cop lucky he didn't get shot over his mouth. Boise cops are not noted for their patience.



if he takes a few truckloads of illegals with him...

I agree...deport him to mexico.

Mexico would . . .

send him back.

No Sir

Mexico would treat him like royalty and bilk him. Get real!

slap that man's hand, but not too hard

he's a (oooooh) simplot (ahhhhhh) and is rich (gasp!).
so don't treat him as poorly as you would a regular citizen. don't shoot him or book him or take a nasty picture of him and by the way the arresting officers will be on leave without pay. They should have just taken him home like we always have while the old man was still alive.

and don't say anything about the pot, speed, and other drugs found on him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Where are all the regular folk who like to criticize the po po. I guess the bias here for you folk is that he is rich. If he was black or Hispanic or just plain old pot smokin north end hippie everyone would be talking about how the po po got nuthin better to do than to bother some bro just trying to stagger home after a meaningless night in his empty life.
But if it is a rich guy well then that bastard deserved it because he has more crap than me.... UNFAIR

regular folk

regular folk think you posters are full of %*&. you've all ready brought in the hispanics now lets some how you can attach the religious groups SUV drivers, polical groups and any other goup you can think of to this story.


I could sit and have dinner with you! "some bro just trying to stagger home after a meaningless night in his empty life". You are RICH brother. Who the hell are you? A thinker, a fair minded thinker who has the ability to put himself/herself in anothers shoes to try them on. Beautiful post brother from another mother!


Did you just go Dan Quale on me?


I did. lol

Being uncooperative

and lunging at a police officer, would
get most of us an additional charge of resisting
arrest. Another case of the priviledged few, it appears.

Perhaps go4it

What he did was stupid.