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Craig has skated again

In his life of deception.

Where's Statesman? Craig partying in Budapest & Prague

Craig was over in eastern Europe the week of Jan. 20th, partying 'hard' with his Euro-trash freak friends. Hey--maybe he'll turn up on a video at, because that's where he was.

Tap Toe Through The Tulips

I wonder what sort of "oral" arguments he had to present to the head of the ethics committee to weasel out this time.


This is terrible , does this mean that the Republicans will have to stop living in the past --- pointing to Bill Clinton and screaming SEX !


Maybe Senator Craig can finish his term so Idaho can have the $$

As far as Im concerned this old 'news'.
All I want for now is for Senator Craig, a SENIOR US Senator to stay in his position until his term ends in about a year.

If this senior Senator can get Idaho the federal $$$ we need to recover from the forest fires, help with the ag bills that will keep food costs down and the State of Idaho gets its fair share of federal funds for things like roads & INNEL we need let
the sleeping dog lie.

Once Senator Craig leaves office the person from Idaho who inherits this job will spend the rest of their time in the US Senate earning those Senate seats that take years to get so that Idaho will once again get the federal $$$ we need.

When Senator Craig finishes his term who will Dan Popkey have to throw mud on?

You know.....

Your post was actually rational and made sense until the last sentence:

"When Senator Craig finishes his term who will Dan Popkey have to throw mud on?"

Poor, poor Craig- this is all Popkey's fault, he has absolutely no culpability for this? Typical Republican response. The party of "self-responsibility" that never takes responsibility.

Larry Craig Is a Weasel

Face it Larry Craig is a weaselly "Senior" Senator. He is corrupt and has contempt for the US Court Systems. But the truth of the matter is that Idahoan like having a corrupt Senator representing them.

It's plain and simple. If they didn't want him in office they would be protesting in the streets. In any other country the citizens would be outrage. This is America though, Land of the fat, stupid, lazy American.

Larry Craig is exactly what is wrong with America today. It doesn't matter if he can "Get Federal Funds" for Idaho.

Go back to sleep Idaho and watch your Dr. Phil & Opera.

Larry Craig is a

You are exactly correct, at least about Idaho go back to sleep.

Waaaaaaaa Waaaaaaaaa

Too bad Statesman he's not going to resign just for you. So you folks may as well get it through your heads, he's here to stay for one more year.
So why not just allow him to do the job and maybe just maybe he will have the best year he's ever had in the senate.
Or if you want some change you can tell the readers what a scam the 17 Amendment is.

I know I'm going to hate myself...

Just why is the 17th Amendment a scam? If Craig or Crapo for that matter, were to die in their sleep tonight, you wouldn't want Otter to appoint a temporary replacement? You would prefer to have only one vote instead of two?

The 17th is nothing but a scam

The Founders set it up correctly by having the people vote for one house of congress and the state send members to the other house of congress. That way the people's interest and the state's interest were both taking care of.
As it is today, both houses of congress are selling the people out for votes. It used to be a man served a term or two in one of the houses of congress then went back to their private life. No longer these parasites will steal from one person to buy votes with from another. So they can keep that federal job because they can't do better in the private sector. Look at how our southern border is wide open so elected federal parasites can try and win Mexican votes. If one of the houses of congress was there to look out for state's rights that wouldn't have happened. I'm not alone on my feelings of the 17th being a scam, there's been senators who have publicly stated the very same thing.
BTW/ The 16 Amendment is a scam as well. I'll bet both of you two have no idea that the USSC ruled two times against the federal governemnt that "wages" can not be taxed as income under the 16 Amendment. They never had the right to do it then and they don't have the right to tax wages as income now. But there's lots of people in the federal prisons for not paying taxes on their wages.

Wrong Scam

Perhaps, Watcher, you would do better to explain why Section 1, Article 3 of the Constitution was a scam and why the 17th Amendment was passed to correct it.

I don't see how The Statesman is preventing Senator Craig from doing his job - it seems to me that his performance has been hampered by his own actions. And were he to resign, it wouldn't be just for the paper; it would be for me, too, and, apparently, for quite a few other people who don't care for his duplicity and lack of integrity.

For what it's worth, I'm a Republican and I've voted for Senator Craig in every election. But after this debacle, I'm sorry I did.

Ethics committee

appears to be asleep at the wheel on this one.

Good ol Boys!

Protecting their own. This is why Obama's message of change is so appealing to the young and Hillary's experience isn't selling! VOTE OBAMA 08!

Good ol Boys!

Man, I don't really believe that we can have "desired change" with Obama, but, you are right in your analogy. Perhaps Craig is momentarily protected by the same people that would be implicated by him, if he were to be removed, depriving him of the extra money he will earn if he stays just one more year. It is all about money, that is all it has ever been, and the supposed representatives in our government are the best protected crooks in the world.


I agree our government is corrupt. I think it's the way the system is set up. It's become more a system of bribery rather than democracy. The truth is a person can't win without a ton of money and the politicians are getting that from the more affluent in the nation or from corporations. In my opinion that's why all the legislation is in their favor rather than joe public.
Obama has proposed public financing for our elections. That means each party would receive an equal amount of taxpayer dollars to get their point out and money from lobbyist or the affluent would be outlawed. People like Romney would be denied the use of his millions that he's made off the market. I think it's a good idea. Hell I can't compete with J.R.'s (just an example) contributions and he's going to win every time whether or not its good for the country. Let's take money out of it and return to legislation for the people rather than corporate America.
If he does win. Let's hold his feet to the fire and get something done. McCain used to be for campaign finance reform but he's dumped that because its not the direction Republicans want to go. Many like the idea of being able to influence the elections with their wealth.


Makes sense, leveling the playing field. How does it get thru Congress?


It's going to take leadership to get the message out there. The President is the only one with enough power to not be shoved under the table by the current system. I think if the people hear both sides, they'll agree with Obama. I'm hoping he leads legislation to bring jobs back home. When people see the benefits of that they'll be willing to follow him further. He'll have to build our confidence.

Question for Osama

When you said money from lobbyists/corps/big money would be outlawed, did you mean for Congressional seat elections as well? It would seem to me if the Presidential election funds were even, the "other" money would change focus: to the Congressional side. Thus, such legislation would have to be all encompassing, a very large task. Ever wonder about the "promises" and "paybacks" committed to (behind closed doors) involved in a Presidential election? Ohhh to know the actual TRUTH!

Set budgets are a far better idea....

Give each candidate an equal amount of airtime, print space, and make them all do exactly the same level of campaigning. They still spend their own money, but are held to a level amount they are able to spend. This would limit the amount of power lobbyists would have to buy their viewpoint.

Expanding that horizon, imagine

political ads disclosed differently. Instead of "Paid for by the committee to elect....." we'd see .."paid for by Proctor & Gamble"....

You bet wisdom

Each state can finance their own. The problem seems obvious doesn't it. Boy we'd get rid of a lot of the nonsense that goes on during the election too.

Ethics Comittee Decision

I would guess that decision was partly made because during an election year he would be out of Office before their investigation even got thru the first inning? It does't say squat about guilt or innocence, right or wrong or justice.

Does say something

about the speed of our government.


They are saying it will take 90 days to get our rebate checks started and then 10 weeks to complete. That is darn near half a year right there and there is no questions or testimony involved.

Senate Ethics Committee

There's yer oxymoron!

Hyprocritical Republicans

Clinton had oral sex with a consenting adult woman and the Republicans waste tax payer resources by impeaching. Craig solicits sex in a public restroom from a male undercover police officer and the Republicans look the other way. Ah their hypocrisy know no bounds.

Let's compare

President of the United States of America having sex with a low level intern in the Government office ---- That is wrong at so many levels. Many have lost their jobs, pensions, and houses for having sex with a lower level employee is just one.

Craig toe tapping, just asking from another adult, far and away from anything related to his job or position in the Senate.

What hypocrisy? Just demoncraps justifying their immorality?

Don't Forget About The Subsequent Cover-up

This was not a simple case of soliciting gay sex in an airport bathroom. He thought he'd get away with it. Then the waterfall of lies followed. What good does pointing to Clinton do? Both acts were dispicable in one way or another.

Lawmakers should not be law-breakers.

What a bunch of

What a bunch of sanctimonious bullcrap. What Clinton did was stupid, but it was not an offense the called for an "investigation" on tax payer dollars and ultimately impeachment hearings. As for Craig, he is an elected representative to the state of Idaho. He is always on the clock in that position. I wonder who was paying for his flight? I wonder who was paying for his meals or any hotel room he may have stayed in???
Really, I and most Democrats or Liberals don't have a problem with Craig and his sexual indescretions. It's the outright hypocrisy coming from Idaho Republicans that is just maddening.


It wasn't the sex with Monica, it was the perjury in conjunction with the Paula Jones case that led to the impeachment hearings.

How quickly history drops down the rat hole.

BTW, I've called for Craig to leave from the get-go.

Paula Jones really had

Paula Jones really had nothing to do with it. Clinton lied about have oral sex with Lewinsky. Of course, most of the public agreed that public time and resources should never have been used in this instance. Remember, Clinton left office with one of the highest approval rates of any exiting president in U.S. history. And, I'm not saying that public resources should be used to attack Craig. As I said before, I just like pointing out the hypocrisy among my conservative friends.

By the way, its you

By the way, its you Republicans that are anti-gay. You are the one's that defiled our state constitution by amending it to prevent gays from marrying. So you can't tell me that you have no problem with our esteemed senator soliticing gay sex in a public restroom.


Conservative Republicans are not standing behind Craig. He should go bye bye just like Clinton should of. Its a moral thing. If you are in office you should not be breaking the law any law. We are suppose to trust them. If we can not believe in them they should not be elected or reelected. Ask a true conservative their views and they will answer the same way. The republicans just like the Democrats don't stand for the same values as they use to. Conservatives might but not as many anymore.
The change should be to get back what we all lost from 50 years ago.

What was 50 years ago? You

What was 50 years ago? You may not know this but this kind of stuff has always occured within the political sphere in the United States and every other country. Even, God forbid, among our founding fathers.

Slick Willy lied under oath to cheat a person out of their day

in court. In fact he pleaded guilty to lying under oath, which has him having a criminal record.


I have to laugh at people that think electing this or that person is really going to change Washington politics. If you think that way you have fallen into the devils trap.

Washington is now nothing more than a hellmouth.

As for the Craig deal, is anyone REALLY surprised by this? Anyone?

You just won my vote....

For you are the only one I have seen tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Big money owns America, not the people, and there is little any politician can do about it. They might have great intentions and try, but the system is stacked against them.

Has anyone ever written their U.S. Congressman

and received a response other than "under review", "complex issue", "many considerations", "thank you but", "appreciate your concern" "due consideration" ?? Just curious here..

I did once...

I was writing a paper for a college class and requested that a few questions be answered by a congress person. They or someone responded with some really good answers. I used them in the paper and quoted the person in question, so hopefully it was them and not an office assistant.

Never wrote a congressman but............

I did write to Larry Craig one time and got a standard form letter back along with a naked picture of him and Nancy Reagan. I never knew Nancy Reagan had a penis.

No lack of response

I did write Senator Craig a letter when my brother in law died following an accident in Crater Lake National Park. We were not able to get an accident report from the park for over a month following many requests. Senator Craig not only made sure that we got the report but his staff called to follow up and made sure that the information we received was adequate for the insurance companies, etc. I sent the same letter to Dirk Kempthorne, who is in charge of the National Parks in his current postition and didn't get any response at all. Senator Craig cares about the people of this state. He, and his staff, are willing to go the extra mile to try to help us when it is possible.

Funny as hell ...............................

This is funny as hell , watching Republicans running around pointing fingers at Bill Clinton -- at each other -------- anything but admit they made a huge mistake putting someone like Bush in the White House .
There is going to be a lot more of this stuff as they come to realize the party , for them , is over . They have shot themselves in the foot ------- now learn to limp -- quietly


Larry and other toe tappers

Reddog I agree with you as well as several others who seem to feel that wake-up calls are screaming, and most not listening. Since this first hit the news I could not believe that L.Craig being gay was the issue, rather than his lack of integrity and the fact he is a cumpulsive liar. He votes against gay rights, but will meet you in the bathroom. When someone wants to dictate others rights its a clue to what they are hiding. How many Republicans who voted for Bush are parents of sons and daughters serving in the military will be so loyal when their children come home with the effects of depleated uranium and the birth defects of their grand children. We are lucky to have a reporter that will speak out, sad few listen. It is not called a nation of sheep for lack of effort. Blindly follow the party line, limmings do that also.

The Clintons Owe Larry Craig Big Time!

I don't have any doubt the Dems will use Craig's attempt to solicit anonymous public sex in the Minneapolis airport toilet to their advantage, particularly if Clinton is their nominee.

However, I would not be surprised to learn it's the Democrats on the Ethics Committee who are holding up the investigation right now. It's too early.

The timing isn't right. The Republican Convention is Sept 1-4 in Minneapolis. September or even later, just before the election, will be the time for the press to remind everybody how disgusting and hypocritical Republicans like Larry Craig are.

Craig has provided a lifetime supply of grist for the Clinton mill. One possible strategy would be for the Clintons to indirectly create resentment and hostility toward gays (maybe by stirring up the gay marriage issue again), then neutralize voting for Republicans as a "solution" by bringing up Larry Craig and the way the hypocritical Republicans have dealt with his perverted behavior. Perversely, a vote for Hillary would be a vote for "family values."

Manipulating hate and bigotry to get votes is the modus operandi of the Clinton machine. They'll use racism to eliminate Obama and then ironically, use anti-gay sentiment to crush the Republicans.

Craig has irreparably damaged his own reputation in Congress and burned his bridges with the Republican party leadership.

I guess the point of his staying in the Senate is to "punish" the "cut and run Republicans" for believing the unrefuted sworn testimony of the airport policeman, instead of Craig's cock and bull story.

I think it's going to be a very, very bad year for Republicans. The Clintons owe Larry Craig BIG TIME!

You are out of your mind

Do you really think the rest of the country has their eyes on Larry Craig? You need to travel beyond your little concentric world. The rest of the country has moved on, they couldn't care less. The laugh is over.

"Manipulating hate and bigotry," "..they'll use racism to eliminate Obama..." "anti-gay sentiment to crush the Republicans" Do you just like reading what you post, or do you have some basis for these assertions? These statements are meaningless unless you have some kind of foundation for them.

If it's a bad year for Republicans you need only look at that man that the Republican party foisted on this country back in 2000..... He is still in office and he is still responsible for the worse administration this country has ever seen. Do you need me to list his failings for you?

Watchful Waiting

Of course all of the above is opinion and speculation. But I think it's been fairly widely acknowledged that the Clintons are counting on a backlash of latent racism to sack Obama and get Hillary the Democratic nomination.

I would not be surprised in the least to learn that Clinton operatives are currently working on some scheme that will somehow reflect blacks in a poor light on a national level. Who knows what it will be, intense media attention to some black guy raping a white woman, a new "study" that shows blacks commit crimes at 10 times the rate of whites, who knows what it will be. Something.

Politics is a multi-level complex dark enterprise. Almost nothing happens that isn't planned and orchestrated by self-serving people who will basically do anything to get elected. Politics attracts people of a certain character. If you don't think so, you're very naive.

I strongly agree with you that most Republican wounds have been self-inflicted. The disaster in Idaho was basically created by years of turning a deaf ear and blind eye to repeated rumors/accounts of Larry Craig's predatory homosexual behavior.

Wait until the Republican National Convention. We'll see if everybody's forgotten about Craig's gay sexcapades in the public bathroom. I don't have any doubt at all that the sexual behavior of Craig, Vitter, and others will be maximally exploited for political gain. Just wait and watch.

Larry Craig truly is a public servant.

I suppose Mr. Craig could argue that hunting for salami in public restrooms is part of being a public servant. If he were doing it in private restrooms that would be a whole different story. I would definately go with that argument if I were him.

I'm thinking

Larry may go back on his word about not running again.

What conviction?

When was Larry Craig convicted? Your personal agenda is showing. Doesn't you editor check for these sorts of errors? Maybe at the Statesman they are encouraged.