Nampa Mayor Tom Dale says city is 'poised' for great things : comments

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Good going nampa

It's been nice to see the changes going on in downtown Nampa. I live in Boise and I still go out there on occasion.


mostly the growing elderly population. Probably a large outflux of 19-49 year olds who can't survive here. Definitely a pretty downtown with a horrible traffic pattern that hasn't been solved in 30 years so why do you fell it will now?

Karcher Mall is almost as bad as West Park Plaza in Ontario, dark and seemingly half empty (ours has three stores and an Albertson's with prices from Hades). Some neighborhoods are nice but I know little of them unless my folks live in one.

I think it's huge with nothing to show for in many cases.

I know of what I speak of as I was born there nearly 42 years ago, lived there till age 12 and my parents returned in 1985. I stayed put in Oregon.

PS They are going to close the school I went to, where I had my first taste or disbelief and sorrow in 1975 when Steven White was stabbed, where they tore out Kurtz Park that I played in to add another building to NNC/NNU, where years later I was shocked to learn the man who took over the Lone Star Market that I bought lots of candy and comic books at was murdered by a thug and then I found Steven's killer was the KID NEXT DOOR TO US.

It may be old for today's kids but Lincoln Elementary was the grand place I started learning. The playground they dedicated to Steven was replaced by trailer classrooms so I guess it isn't a school anymore.

There's no place to PLAY.

Steven's murder


I was also born in Nampa, and I was in the same grade as Steven when he was killed. In fact I lived across the street from the baseball diamond where his body was found. I've often wondered if they ever found the murderer. I guess by this comment they did.

I moved away the summer after his murder to Ky. Now I live in Portland OR. I've always hoped for closure on that. I had nightmares for some time.

Don't know if you're still tracking this topic, but thought I'd give it a try anyway.

Thanks for posting. I had always planned to go back and visit the school. I guess there's no school there now. Too bad.