Dennis Mansfield and Larry Durkin: Transition homes save taxpayer dollars : comments

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More Prisons Not the Answer

Mansfield and Durkin are right--there are better answers than building more prisons. Society is better off helping people than punishing them. To keep them isolated from society only influences them to further anti-social behavior. Released prisoners need a way to reenter society properly, and New Hope Community Health is an excellent answer for those it accepts. The Christian Faith (Jesus Christ) is the best answer for changing a life. Chuck Colson's Prison Fellowship Ministries has excellent results with its prisons and post-incarceration programs. His book "Justice That Restores" explains and documents why our justice system doesn't work and the only method of true reform.

Transition Homes

Hey Dennis and Larry,

Your comments are all warm and fuzzy about your inmates in transition homes. I too believe they should be given a chance to rebuild their lives. But mark my words, something is going to happen and the whole program will disintegrate if they are not properly supervised. And by the way, Dennis and Larry, how many transition homes are in your neighborhood?

Transition homes are nothing new.

They've been around for ages and ages. Every time a new one goes up, people freak. "Something's going to happen!" "Something's going to happen!" Funny thing is...nothing EVER does! Can you site even one example in Boise?


Your prediction has come true ...

transition homes

this is to mr. mansfield, will new hope reimburse any loss on the sale of the homes in the neighborhoods that you rent these homes for these convicts. or do we as the public become victims of this process? we pay to put them away so they can not victimize us and according to your company, we now have to pay again with the loss of property value. i personally would not move into a neighborhood that has a transitional home in it. i will speculate that a lot of people agree with me on this. it is bad enough with the criminals that are all ready out there, why would we want them to live next door.

Are you planning on selling

Are you planning on selling your home? If not shut-up. These people will not cause you an inkling of trouble and you know it.


Is that you?

Might As Well Be

Because I know how these homes are ran and how the residents a screened. It is more likely for someone you know and are close to to commit a crime or act of violence than these men. This attitude that Boise and their communities have is a major cause of why young people are commiting crimes. They have paid thier dues and have the right to live where they please.

These are Businesses

Mansfield's homes are businesses, plain and simple, they should fall under zoning as such and should not be in areas zoned as single-family, residential. These houses have 10 or more people (customers) coming and going each day. That's a business. I have a musical instrument repair business that averages 10 to 20 customers coming and going each day. I could easily house my business in my garage, but because of zoning laws I cannot operate a business in my home, so I pay rent to have my shop in Garden City. How is Mansfield's business any different from mine?

They are homes

His office is not located in these homes. This is like saying if you make a table in your garage wherever the table is placed is considered your business. Take a course on logic, and avoid fallacies, they make for a poor argument.