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this is the problem

we seem to care more about the party and not the people . i should be able to vote for who i want and not care about party.it is about who is the best to do our work. i thought those who we vote in work for us not the party.

GOP nervous

Yes, but people such as those who brought the suit care more about Republicans in power than WHO is in office. That's the only explanation behind electing comic-relief Sali.

Too bad nobody cares about the effectiveness of our government. It's all about who wields the power.

what about those who do not vote along party lines?

I don't really identify with either party. Do I not get to vote?

apparently not...


Ya just gotta be smarter than the system

Even though I have distinct Democratic leanings, I vote in the Republican primary because it's one thing I can do to mitigate the 'red shift' in Idaho.

That's the problem

That's exactly what both parties in various states are trying to eliminate!

Well, if there was a way

to get a serious candidate from either party who was willing to listen to the populace instead of business and lobbyists I would follow in a heartbeat. At this time in Idaho, if you don't vote Republican, you don't get heard. I am in no way trying to subvert the political process, I registered as a Republican (much to my wife's chagrin) so I can choose a candidate who I think will represent me best and still have a snowball's chance in he// of being elected.

We really need a third (or fourth, or fifth) major political party.

Constitutional crisis?

Beck warned of a looming "constitutional crisis,"

These poor souls - if they're not fretting over another perceived, Constitutional crisis, they're out dodging black government helicopters.

If these paranoid, radical right power mongers were nearly as concerned with just tackling major issues effectively, that are of a concern to the citizens of Idaho, they wouldn't have to worry about Democrats sabotaging their precious primary elections.

They can't help it. The GOP is the party of paranoia and fear...

Almost their whole platform is based on fear...fear of losing 'traditional values', fear of homosexuals, fear of socialism, fear of the godless liberals. Hard to be a leader and implementer of solutions for the future when you fear for a lost past that never existed.