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AAA Is Wrong..........

I, for one, have canceled my travel plans until either the gas prices come down or I get a significant raise at work. It would be nice to be able to go see my elderly parents in Nebraska that I havent seen in 2 years, but gas costs too much. Also, my daughter would also like to see her grandparents, but the greed of Big Oil is taking it away from her. OK, I'm done being a whiny baby.

That's it! be the victim!

I love how people jump at the chance to blame other people for their problems. Oil prices have less to do with the oil companies and much more to do with the weak dollar. Had you (general you, not specifically you) planned better these things would not effect your way of life.

As per the current senario

As per the current senario do you think that petroleum, gas, coal.. are the best renewables as the price of these crude oils have increased a lot in few months. But many peoples do not cancel our holiday travel. I think, this will truly remarkable.