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hammer and nail

how much smack does the hammer really have to talk to the nail before the inevitable happens?

NOW's the time?!?!?!?!?!?!

apparently the eds don't spend too much time reading the posts....

Time to talk smack

BSU fans have been talking smack since half time of the USU game and Idaho fans had a week start on that. Lets go Broncos beat the Vandys

What Rivalry?

If this was truly a rivalry, I would talk smack. The Vandals suck. Check our ESPN's Bottom 10... you will find U of I is a permanent fixture.

Amen to that.

If the Vandals are in this game after Half time... strike that, after the first quarter then it will be a shame. Lee Corso once said of the Boise St vs. Fresno St. (rivalry) "What rivalry, the bulldogs have to win once in a while for this to be a rivalry", (said about 2 years before Fresno St finally won). I think that quote fits here.

Boise St. 56
Idaho - Maybe 13

Joe Pietrazek
San Antonio TX - Born in Boise

Moscow High?

Does Moscow High have a football team? I wasn't aware of a football team in Moscow. Is there football in Moscow? I thought drinking beer and falling out of the third story window was the only sport in Moscow.....


Well, if BSU finds out there *is* a Moscow High football team, maybe it'll schedule it next year. You know, to actually beef up its strength-of-schedule. ;)


Now that was funny!


You are right, it would be more competitive than U of I.


Most *junior* high school football teams would be more competitive than the teams on BSU's schedule. :)

Including U of I

Which includes U of I ....

If we Scheduled Moscow High

It would be an improvement over scheduling u of i

Out of Line

I dont think that last part was appropriate if it is in reference to actual accidents that have occured, lets keep the trash talking funny but tasteful


If it were not so sad I would talk smack! It is a wonder that U of I is still in the WAC, still in Div I Athletics and sad we even have to play them or any other Div I for that matter. I almost would rather play ISU! I am tired of the spoiled brats of Vandals keeping their position in the WAC and their remarks of how great of a school they are! Besides making a bunch of beer drinking lawyers, just what do they manage to throw out of that school? Well besides Larry Craig I mean! AND if I hear one more time " The Donkeys" ! We at least have enough class to not take good money and sell anti U of I crap at our bookstore and various sales outlets - unlike U of I. Maybe if they put forth more effort towards making their program better instead of downing others, it would go towards better use of energy, money and power. OK venting done.......


"Besides making a bunch of beer drinking lawyers, just what do they manage to throw out of that school?"

31 doctoral programs, compared to BSU's 4.

~$100M in research, compared to BSU's ~$25M.

Largest library in the state.

"Heyday" quarterbacks - John Friesz (10-year NFL QB career), compared to Jared Zabransky (cut from the Texan's practice squad).

And the law school, which surely wouldn't be characterized as only putting out "beer drinking lawyers" if BSU were to steal it away, right? :)


U of I's claim to immortal football fame - John Friesz!!! ha,ha,ha


Hey, he's got 45 more NFL TD tosses than Z. ;) (Of course, if you want to get into the nitty gritty of UI alum, Jerry Kramer played guard for the Packers' first two Superbowl wins, and Mark Schlereth managed to pull in 3 Superbowl rings as a guard [1 Redskins, 2 Broncos]).

Who other

than jake scott is on a roster now? AND broncos now? Live in the now for a change!!!

Actually Jake Scott

UI also has Jake Scott who just won the Superbowl with the Colts!


Funny, I thought the event Saturday is a football game and not a debate. I also thought this was set up for sports smack talking. Well if it was a debate, BSU would probably win that one as well. (National Debate Champions)

Besides look at it this way, highly accredited universities are scattered all over the nation. A top 20 Football team is much harder to accomplish. (please note “tongue in cheek”)

Dont Forget Twinkle Toes

u of i should take pride in producing twinkle toes craig the toilet troll, he is emblematic of all that is u of i

hey big larry

I really wouldnt bring crap like that up. I know Idaho isnt that good but at least they dont pass out stoned on I84 or kill families with their cars.

Uncalled for

That was without a doubt, one of the most worthless, classless posts I've seen here. Congrats.




And talking about the girl who was paralyzed from falling wasn't??????


Agreed - shot about Rejena Coghlan equally in poor taste.

I Apologize

I apologize to the U of I student and family for any inconsiderate remarks. Accidents caused by binge drinking and a school culture of partying should never be joked about.


Good luck at the game

Low Blow

I'm a Vandal and that was a really low blow. Dang...


You really mean you are comparing what happens on a daily basis at U of I to what happened one time and was deemed an accident??? ok I guess we can take that with all of the other BS the Vandals seem to always dish out.............(I think this is what i was referring to as class by the way)
......you Vandals have none or very little of it!

by the way

Im not a Vandal


A rival is defined by the American Heritage dictionary as “one that equals or almost equals another in a particular respect.” Again…what rivalry?

Actually Dictonary Person!

by your defination UI and BSU would therefore be a rivalry owing to the fact that BSU has a 1 game lead in the series 18-17-1 if I am correct. The 8 game winning streak is impressive but is still 4 short of Idaho's 12 game winning streak against the Broncos so lets be more intellectually inclined before we try act smart in here please.

After we win the next 5

Then will u of i go back to the Big Sky where you belong, if they would take you back?

If we go back to the Big Sky

The Broncos then should become a Semi-Pro team and drop the whole academic thing...

Sounds Doable

You know, chances are maybe not the Big Sky but switch back to the Sun Belt where they could win it. I doubt BSU would pull off 5 more; and even if they beat Idaho that would not mean that Idaho would still not have improved as a team and start beating San Jose, Nevada and the like. Funny Broncos...

Sounds Doable

You know, chances are maybe not the Big Sky but switch back to the Sun Belt where they could win it. I doubt BSU would pull off 5 more; and even if they beat Idaho that would not mean that Idaho would still not have improved as a team and start beating San Jose, Nevada and the like. Funny Broncos...

Rivalry Over...

BSU has moved on and wherever they go, there's u of i right behind them like that little cartoon dog jumping over and over the Big Dog saying "Whatta we gonna do now Spike Huh Huh Huh?"

I'm not going to compare University programs, but since u of i has such a great architectural program, why don't they build themselves a real stadium? You know, one that doesn't smell so awful!!

Go Broncos!


So a rivalry to you includes only football? Why no comparison between University programs or other aspects of the university. Afraid you may come up short outside of football? Best wishes to BSU, however. Notice I showed the respect to capitalize BSU. :)

. . .

Kibbie Dome actually won the “Structural Engineering Achievement Award” from the American Society of Civil Engineers in 1976. Major contractor on the project? Trus Joist, a Boise company.

Kibbie Dome 1976

That was 1976, welcome to 2007...


And most of Bronco Stadium was built before 1976 (save the '97 modification to add seats). So "Welcome to 2007" has nothing to do with anything - thanks for sharing, tho'.

Actually with Reference to the Dome

If you go the UI athletics website you will find illustrations to Idaho's next renovation to the Dome scheduled to start within the next 2 years.


It's going to look like a giant Budweiser can!! Yeah!


ui is about as much a rival to BSU as is Weber State.

The rivalry is about money

BSU earns it and u of i tries to steal it.

Rivalry $$$

I will have to agree with you on that one; the rivalry is about money and UI is now mooching off of BSU like BSU did when Idaho was the team to beat during that 12 game winning streak and a Humanitarian Bowl victory; seems like we are building our programs off of each other; reciprocal relationship, beautiful!

Close but no cigar

BSU is a builder, u of i thieves in the dark


I have trouble understanding the duplicity of some U of I supporters. On one hand, they come across with an air of superiority, and on the other, seem to me to be obsessed with Boise State. If the former BJC is such an inferior entity, why do they continually focus their comparisons on it? My experience with them seems to be that they believe they are superior in all aspects because their university was granted/given by the legislature in part to keep the state together, as opposed to starting small and growing/earning their way. I don't ever hear them comparing U of I to anything other than BSU.

help me understand

What is the obsession in Boise regarding the University of Idaho being a land grant insititution? I attended and graduated from the University of Idaho and I do not remember one time where that was an issue or was used to give us any sense of superiority. I see it come up in responses a lot and it is always an issue brought up by BSU supporters. Why is this such a sore issue? What was used as an explanation for the "superiority" of the University of Idaho compared to BSU was a better track record of academic success and offerings. However, you bring up a good point regarding the comparison. It is highly unfair to expect what started as a junior college not too many years ago to be comparable academically to a full university with a long tradition. However, if you are going to talk about the university in an academic sense, which is the main reason for a university (not athletics), then the University of Idaho is "superior". As for comparing the universities, BSU has also compared themselves to Idaho for years and I believe that is where some of this animosity stems.