Meet James Holtzclaw, who's running for Meridian mayor : comments

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I want to be Mayor

Have you seen this persons website? what a JOKE!
Where is the info?
Another blow hard politician.

Can't be any worse than Tammy

He's got my vote for sure. She has done nothing but clog this city up. Used to be a nice place 15-20 years ago. Roads,traffic,over building and the list goes on and on...

She has done nothing!

She has done nothing!

Tammy Wammy

I have heard that Mayor Tammy never saw a developer she didn't like. This must be true because one only has to look around to see that Meridian is becoming one big strip mall. Anyone one want to run for Mayor? Anyone? Buller?

I can't say much but I know

I can't say much but I know back before Tammy when Mayor Bob Corrie was in office Meridian was a great place to live. He wanted to benefit everyone not just himself....

Mr. Holtzclaw

James Holtzclaw is not a blow hard politician. He is a decent, upstanding citizen who truly cares about his community. He is a loving father and a hard working businessman. He deals with people honestly and with respect.
I know this because I went to college with him. We discussed current events, politics and moral issues. I did not always agree with him but he was always gracious and intellectually honest.