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It is sad

Because Idaho is a bunch of backwoods idiots, they will vote for whomever has the (R) next to their name. It doesnt matter what the person stands for.

LaRocco would have more of a chance if he just told people he was a republican.

Erect Jim and Larry!!

Speaking of old fashion dicktation, my boyfriend Larry uses dictaking too. He Loves Jim Risch's. They are good old stall-wart pals. They would make an excellent Guvner and First Lady. Jim would bend over backwards for Larry, and Larry, in turn, would reach around and give Jim a warm hand. Together they wood wipe the butts of those evil Homocrats. Good Idaho people, who love to stand behind Jim and Larry and help their ethics get probed, who never let down your hard resolve, you will never let your favor wilt. Don't worry Jim and Larry, they will erect you! Luv ya, CB

vandalhack is right

All the majority here needs to hear is a biblical mention - and see the R and they vote them in. Even the previous Craig voters are probably so embarrassed they will also go for the R to attempt to save face.

He Doesn't Use Email?

Has this guy been living under a rock in a cave for the last 20 years??

Dinosaur is right

I didn't expect Risch to create an avatar on Second Life, but I also didn't expect him to let the internet sit as a giant blind spot on his radar screen.

He seems proud of it.

Can't teach an old dog...

The title of this article implies that Jim Risch may risk his coronation next November by not embracing the internet. Perhaps that would be true if this were Montana or Virginia or almost any of the other 47 states in the union. But this is Idaho, where all a statewide candidate seems to need to ensure his or her victory is the (R) stamp of approval.

After last year's elections, I put together a little political cartoon. It consisted of an Idaho ballot for the position of "possessor of immortal soul." It listed Jesus Christ as the Democratic candidate and Satan as the Republican. There is a check mark in the box for Satan. The caption reads "Idaho Voters demonstrate once again that party loyalty is paramount."

I will vote for LaRocco....

I was one of the sheeple that actually thought Craig was an upright guy. I was WRONG!!! But only for taking him at his word. Let's upset the good old boy applecart, shall we? It is definately time for a change...I sure wish the people who put Craig in office could kick him out...doesn't make sense to me.


We are Republicans - the deepest red in the nation – and proud of it. We don't care about your progressive ideas here in Idaho. You are absolutely correct. We, with our herd mentality, will vote for MR ANYBODY as long as HE has R after his name. Take note of our preference of the masculine gender. This is based on that phrase, "ALL MEN are created...(you know the rest)".

National debt (selling the USA a little piece at a time), trade deficits, shrinking value of the US Dollar, picking a fight with almost anybody in the world (We certainly can't tolerate these Iranians to have nuclear weapons - real or imaginary), fighting war using private contractors, financing war by credit, outsourcing jobs, shrinking manufacturing sector, immigration, disappearing middle class, schools that are labeled as diploma mills, who cares about these issues? We have Rush, Sean, Bill (a little soft but he seems to be one of us most of the time), Anne, Laura and Michael to do the thinking for us. That Big Ed on AM630, with his late afternoon progressive talk radio, is definitely agitating the herd.

Since oil companies are mostly controlled by Republicans, we are happy for them. It is just Liberal talk that our friends, the oil company executives, consistently bask in their obscene profit every quarter. Just recently, our VP Dick said that the economy WILL adjust to another Oil Price increase. We, Republicans, don’t know exactly what he meant by that. Honestly, you, Liberals, don’t want to know. You might have that “little accident” also, if you insist.

We even result to juvenile name calling when somebody expresses his (or worst, her) opinion that is different from the herd. Closed-minded and narrow-minded best describe our political affiliation.

Remember also that we, Republicans, love our guns. We love using them to hunt unarmed helpless critters. You, Liberals, might use the term KILL but we don’t care. We call it hunting and we enjoy it. We even make it a family affair most of the time.

I am done with Idaho Republicans

Go Larocco -

Definition of a Right Winger....

errr .... someone who goes to Church on Sunday.

Risch could go to Hawaii for the next 11 months, not campaign, show back up here on election day and still beat the retread Lorocco by 20 points. Why do the DEMS keep running the same tired, worn out candidates? I heard they have even pulled Walt Minnick out of mothballs to run against Bill Sali.

The only think Liberals like to Kill are unborn children.

The only answer is Term Limits

Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, after 4 years in Washington DC they ALL become self serving and completely out of touch with the people who elected them.

Newly elected officials spend their first term making contacts. Their second term vying for committe appointments, and finally their third term looking at legislation.

Do you really believe, Joe Biden, Patrick Leahy, John McCain or Larry Craig really care what you think except during an election period? Do they even remember what it was to work for a living? Pay bills? Or even answer a phone.

Elected officials bank on your apathy. Depend on your inability to make descisions and count on your lack of knowledge. Why else do we keep electing people who clearly do not represent anyone's interest but their own and lobbyists?

Do you REALLY want someone willing to spend $100 million dollars to get a job that pays $230K a year running the country?

Robert Vasquez

Sure wish he stayed in the contest. Remember he announced a year ago or so to run for Craig's senatorial position. Intelligent, you know where he stood and he believed in term limits. I'm independent now.