Meet the hottest concert ticket in the universe: Hannah Montana

Rolling Stones? U2? Pfffft. Those tickets are easy to get. Here's the hottest ticket in the galaxy. And, no, I've heard no rumors of Hannah visiting Idaho. She's actually SKIPPING Boise between Salt Lake City (Oct. 27) and Seattle (Oct. 29). The horror!

Meh. If I had a daughter, I'd consider turning her onto some old-school mall pop instead. And that's only if I couldn't convince her that the Drive-By Truckers weren't going to be the next big thing on the Disney Channel.

Larry Craig busted in a stall by ... the Village People?

I can't say it's the *best* song I've ever heard. But it did make me laugh -- and attempt to create Craig-based lyrics to "In the Navy," which was always my favorite Village People song. Maybe an Abba tune instead? Like, maybe, "SOS" — which is fitting for those of us in Idaho hoping to escape the never-ending stall jokes coming from every direction? I think we're in for a looooooong year.

Tap your shoe if you agree.

Lil Wayne: Out of Ada County Jail faster than you can say "Bail is set at 50 Cent!"

Last I checked, there were 44 reader comments after the article about rapper Lil Wayne's Friday-night arrest last weekend. The comments are all over the map (and endlessly entertaining). Yes, I'm sure that Boise Police run background checks on every rapper who rolls through town. Like, definitely. Uh, no. Here's what REALLY happened: Local authorities were contacted by out-of-state authorities regarding Lil Wayne's outstanding warrant. After determining that Georgia officials were willing to extradite Lil Wayne, Boise Police went and arrested him — AFTER allowing him to perform. (Good PR move.)

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B-b-b-b-b-big shot concert pre-sale is over already?

Billy Joel is coming to Taco Bell Arena. We all know it. IT'S EVEN LISTED ON POLLSTAR. But the concert STILL hasn't officially been announced. Recently, I was surprised to discover that they've been selling pre-sale tickets since Oct. 2. These silly games that artists and promoters play are disappointing — and, in my mind, it shows a certain lack of respect for fans. If you're going to pre-sell tickets, at LEAST admit to the general public that a Billy Joel concert is going to occur. Why pretend it's a secret? That said, pre-sales aren't about to end anytime soon. So whenever I can publicly release the super-secret password to a major concert pre-sale, I'll be tempted to do it. (Although it's a double-edged sword; see update below.) I'll depend on readers who come across these "special" pre-sales to alert me so we can share the wealth with the rest of the world.

It's Britney, b*tch! (And she wasn't in Idaho!)

With the jaw-dropping MTV Video Music Awards debacle behind her, Britney Spears will debut the video for her comeback single, "Gimme More," this afternoon on MTV's "TRL." YES! People magazine says the video is Spears' "concept and her vision." Makes sense. It's full of sexual innuendo. Britney plays both a pole-dancing skank and an innocent blond onlooker.

Britney probably will try to tell us that this video has nothing to do with sex -- that pole-dancing is simply a form of aerobics. Remember when Britney insisted to Chuck Klosterman in Esquire that, "Look, if you want me to be some kind of sex thing, that's not me"? Riiiiiiight.

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