Adios amigos

It's time for the Cinemaniac to hang up his spurs, friends.

It has been fun blogging with ya, but I'm moving on to more humid climes in short order.

That being the case, I'll no longer be waxing on movies. However, you're going to find entertainment guru Michael Deeds ramping up his blogging on movies.

Check out his Words & Deeds blog here.

Thanks for your support and your bizarre comments.

No "Journey to the Center of the Earth" for me

Does it even matter what opens in theaters this weekend? Next weekend's "The Dark Knight" is what everyone seems to be talking about. And for good reason. Posthumous Heath Ledger Oscar rumors aside, "Dark Knight" features the best Batman we've seen (Christian Bale) and it opens locally in IMAX.

Flashback contest is back: Win tix to "Armageddon"

After a short hiatus, we're back with free tickets to the Flashback Film Festival. Next week's film: "Armageddon."

To win a pair of tickets to the July 16 showing of "Armageddon," e-mail with your phone number and the answer to the following question:

In one scene, Harry (Bruce Willis) picks up space dust and it blows away. This is scientifically inaccurate because:
A. Space dust is way too heavy to just blow away like that.
B. Space dust is not actually dust, but invisible particles that emit radio signals.
C. There is no wind in space.

Lots of love for "WALL-E." Too much?

USA Today's Anthony Breznican is not the only film critic out there saying "WALL-E" has a shot at a best-picture Oscar nomination.

An article in the July 1 edition of USA Today said New York magazine triggered the debate when the mag posted the headline "Start the Campaign: WALL-E for Best Picture!" on its Web site.

Can it happen? Well, it certainly hasn't since "Beauty and the Beast" did it in 1991. And the Oscars added best animated film seven years ago, so it isn't highly likely.

Pixar looks to the future with "WALL-E"

Thanks mainly to "The Incredibles" and last year's "Ratatouille," I count myself among those who have a mythical appreciation of the movies created by Pixar. I am as hip to "Cars" and the other Pixar feature films as any adult legitimately can be.

But hearing that Pixar's new movie "WALL-E" begins with a half an hour of zero dialogue makes it even more intriguing than any of the studio's other offerings.

Here are a few interesting stories about the film, which opens in Valley theaters on Friday.

Win "Singin' in the Rain" tix

It's an appropriate tribute that the Flashback Film Festival is screening "Singin' in the Rain" as actress Cyd Charisse passed away last week.

To win a pair of tickets to the June 25 showing of "Singin' in the Rain," e-mail with your phone number and the answer to the following question:

American Film Institute's top genre films

The American Film Institute Tuesday announced its top-10 lists of the finest flicks in 10 genres, including mystery, Westerns, sports tales and courtroom dramas.

The winners were chosen by actors, filmmakers, critics and others in Hollywood from ballots that included 50 nominees in each genre.

Here are the lists (with a few comments). Let the debate begin.

Stupid is as stupid does

When it came out in 1994, "Forrest Gump" was a critical and audience success. It won Oscars for best picture, best director and best actor and hauled in $677 million worldwide at the box office. As was pointed out in Entertainment Weekly 10 years after its release, the film polarized audiences. "One half of folks see it as an artificial piece of pop melodrama, while everyone else raves that it's sweet as a box of chocolates."

To win a pair of tickets to the June 18 showing of "Forrest Gump," e-mail with your phone number and the answer to the following question:

Why another "Incredible Hulk"?

With the second "Incredible Hulk" movie set to open Friday, the big question is: Why make "The Incredible Hulk" just five years after director Ang Lee's "Hulk" was not the success Hollywood had hoped for?

USA Today entertainment writer Scott Bowles referred to "The Incredible Hulk" as "one of Hollywood's biggest mulligans." Indeed it is.

But "The Incredible Hulk" has a few things going for it that 2003's "Hulk" didn't.

Win "Jaws" tickets

If you weren't scared at jumping in the ocean at some point in the late '70s/early '80s, you obviously never saw "Jaws." The 1975 classic spawned three sequels, video games and a Universal Studios theme park ride.

To win a pair of tickets to the June 11 Flashback Film Festival showing of "Jaws," e-mail with your phone number and the answer to the following question:

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