Interview with Jane Freund

I recently met and enjoyed visiting with Idaho author Jane Freund, a prolific writer and local publisher. Jane wrote the book, Eggshells and Elephants that I am reviewing this month and so I thought sitting down with her and getting to know a little more about her was in order.

Interview with Kathy McIntosh

Imagine my horror when I rose from two bouts of illness in December to discover that the interview with Kathy McIntosh, author of Mustard's Last Stand that I reviewed on December 2nd, was not online as I had thought. They're right! Drugs are bad for you. My abject apologies to all of you who searched for it, but didn't find it. It is, as you will see, a delightful conversation with a funny woman.

Flashback to young romance

What happens when two damaged, star-crossed lovers find each other?

Eleanor & Park

My top 10 picks for your YA reader this holiday

There are so many good YA books out there that I’ve read
(and PLENTY that I haven’t), it’s hard to pick just ten. But I’m going to try.
Here’s a list of my top ten YA books (in no particular order) and why I liked
them so much. They’ll look great wrapped and under the tree for the book
lover(s) in your life (or yourself!)

The Christmas ereader battle: Nook vs. Kindle

It took me a LONG time before I finally caved and bought myself an ereader. I was being stubborn and indignant about technology’s progress when it came to books. By golly, I would hold a physical book in my hand and read it or not read it at all!
That was silly.

December book and writing happenings around the Valley

Book Addicts Calendar

Dec. 16 – Jan 5

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The choice is yours, a book that makes you stop and think

Life of Pi
Author: Yann Martel
Genre: YA-ish (old man telling of his adventure at 16 years old)

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