Australian man buckles in beer, makes child sit on floor

Check out this Associated Press story — via the BBC — from Australia about some guy who is destined to win the “worst parent” or “worst uncle” of the year award, if he hasn’t already.

What an idiot.

DARWIN, Australia — An Australian man has been fined after buckling in a case of beer with a seat belt but leaving a 5-year-old child to sit on the car’s floor, police said Tuesday.

The RAM is having a barbecue this weekend ...

And Boise beer enthusiasts are invited.

To celebrate the return of spring and the awesomeness of drinking craft beer in the Idaho sun, the RAM is having a special release party/barbecue for their Bannock Street Bock Beer this Saturday, May 3, on the Stonehouse patio. And it will only cost you $10. Sweet.

Mountain Brewers' Fest in Idaho Falls set for June 7

Get ready to gas up the car and find a hotel room in Idaho Falls June 7.

That is when the Mountain Brewers Festival returns to the spud state.

Time magazine discovers craft beer!

Did you guys know that Colorado has a lots of craft brewers and it's fun to go on a brewery tour, and taste all different kinds of beer?

And beer enthusiasts don't give off the elitist vibe some wine drinkers do? And brewpubs serve fried food? Wow! Who knew?

This week's Time magazine has a relatively amusing — if ten years too late — travelogue from Joel Stein about going on a brewery tour in the Denver area.

The RAM wins bronze medal at World Beer Cup

Boise Ram brewmaster Kevin Bolen got some killer news over the weekend when his Lochsa Lager won a bronze medal in the Vienna-style lager category at the 2008 World Beer Cup in San Diego.

Bolen and assistant brewmaster Jake Schisel can add the World Beer Cup win to their growing list of awards — which include three medals from the Great American Beer Festival since 2000.

Fat Tire in cans? It's possible this summer

New Belgium Brewing is getting ready to offer their incredibly popular Fat Tire Amber Ale in aluminum cans to thirsty imbibers this summer, but it is unclear at this point if those cans will show up at Boise-area package stores.

Company officials said the beer will go out to limited markets this summer but haven't yet made any final determinations as to where that will be, spokeswoman Alicia Hassinger said Thursday.

Grand Teton Brewing celebrates 20th Birthday — with hops

Raise a pint and give a cheer to Victor-based Grand Teton Brewing Co., which celebrates its 20th birthday this year. And to kick off the celebration, Brewmaster Charlie Otto and the rest of his crew has brewed up the special XX Sweetgrass Double IPA to mark the occasion.

I can't think of a better way to celebrate the birthday of one of Idaho's finest breweries than with an imperial IPA, which seems extra decadent in this hop starved era.

Sam Adams steps up

East Coast craft brewing titans Samuel Adams showed once again this month why they totally rock by helping out small craft brewers across the US who are struggling to find and pay for hops.

As reported in the Idaho Statesman and other media organizations over the last several months, there is a major hop shortage in the beer world this year — meaning if you can even find hops, they are incredibly expensive. But Sam Adams is helping out the little guy by selling hops to small breweries.

Lumpy Gravy

The latest in a series of Frank Zappa tributes from California’s most excellent Lagunitas Brewing Co. is now available in Boise and pays tribute to — you guessed it — 1967’s “Lumpy Gravy” album.

The good news is no lumpy gravy was used to brew this beer — beef or turkey-fat based gravy might be good on mashed potatoes but probably not so great with beer. Although it might taste better than some of those fruit beers being sold these days.

Anyway, the “Lumpy Gravy” tastes like an imperial brown ale to me — with sweet but mellow malt flavors (with some roasted grain in there too) flowing smoothly down the gullet with a decent hop bite to balance the malt. A double deuce, complete with a replication of the record cover on the label, is $3.19 at the Boise Co-Op. Supplies are limited, so if you want one, go get it.

Which is more evil — beer or weed?

The eternal question if beer or marijuana is worse for society is discussed, debated, and ultimately answered by Lewis Black on Comedy Central’s “Root of all Evil” tonight at 11:30 p.m.

This court spoof program is pretty damn funny — comedians represent both sides of a pop culture debate like lawyers, giving opening statements and arguing their case.

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