Your second hand Bogus snow report for Tuesday, Jan. 10

Just got a call from a snowboarding buddy. Bogus measured about 4 inches of snow in this storm, but on top it was "more like 6 or 8 inches." So if you feel like you're missing a powder day, you are, and I am too. Keep it coming. Winter is too short to let it get away uncarved.

Gear Tuesday: Day pack turns into fishing vest


Hiking and fishing high mountain lakes is popular in Idaho and getting all your gear to a lake for a day hike can be a puzzle.

L.L. Bean has come out with a fishing pack that's also a vest. It carries the amount you need on a day hike and when you get to the water, it converts into a vest.

Yes, it's snowing at Bogus (Monday, Jan. 7).


Yeah, about time. It gets old sliding on two-week old groomers, and I haven't been up there lately, but I am sure there's a few brown spots showing. Hope the snow keeps coming.

More intel on the Winchester .17 Super Mag rimfire

This is straight from Winchester's press release announcing the new cartridge:

The .17 Win Super Mag offers the downrange performance of a centerfire cartridge at only a fraction of the cost. For the first time in history, hunters can expect pinpoint accuracy and devastating performance from a rimfire cartridge at ranges well past 200 yards.

How cold? Cold enough to freeze the Boise River.

ImageSomething you don't see every day, but then again, you don't see single digits in Boise often, and rarely several days in a row when the temperature doesn't get above freezing. Enjoy your winter. It looks and feels like one.

Winchester announces new rimfire cartridge: .17 Winchester Super Magnum.

You can learn more about this by following the link, but here's why I am interested in this cartridge. I'm looking for a legitimate cross over between a plinker and smallbore centerfire because once upon a time, you could get reasonable priced .22-250 or .223 rounds for plinking. Now those rounds have gotten really spendy, so a .17 caliber rimfire that reaches out a little farther than a 17HMR could fit the bill. It remains to be seen, but it's cool to see people working on it. Check out information about the new Winchester round

Few spaces left for snowshoe clinic


Snowshoeing is gaining popularity as a winter sport because it's easy and not that expensive.

The thing I like about snowshoes is that they are the 4WD of winter foot travel. You can go a lot of places where you'd have to do the herringbone climb on Nordic skis. They are also great for traveling through brushy areas.

Salmon River at Riggins is icing up


Just got word from Amy Sinclair of Exodus Wilderness Expeditions that there's "lily pad" ice on the river.

If you're planning to head up there for winter steelheading, beware because ice makes fishing tough. It may be clear in the lower river, she said.

Ice often comes and goes so don't feel like steelheading is over until spring, just check current conditions before you go.

Gear: Eye glasses friendly binoculars

If you wear eye glasses, you have a constant battle with certain binoculars. I had been fighting with binoculars all my life until I was given a pair of Bushnell Trophy binoculars.

lots of nights for Idaho City yurt rentals available in January

The fall cancellations and refunds of booked yurts has left many openings for winter, Leo Hennessy of Parks and Recreation said. "There are lots of dates available this winter because many people who had initially reserved the yurts this winter made other plans," he said. In January alone, 90 nights are still available, but most of those are weekdays "I am hoping to fill most of the yurts so I can get the yurt program financially stable again after losing 4 months of income," Hennessy said. For available dates go HERE.

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