A delightful children's book

Mama's Purse

Author: A.J. Irving
Illustrator: RickThomson
Publisher: AJ’s Children’s Books LLC, 2012
$14.39 Hardcover

Publisher’s Synopsis: What's in my mama’s purse? Much more than bandages and bananas! You won't believe your eyes because so much fun hides in my mama's purse. From a yellow moose and a caboose made of juice to a trout and numbers to count, Mama's purse is full of
super silly surprises. You'll never guess what zooms out next!

 My Take: A.J. Irving, a mother of two preschoolers has released a picture book titled Mama’s Purse. Just the title alone conjures up memories our own childhood and the delights we were sure were hidden in mama’s purse. A.J. touches a familiar chord in every child – What’s in mama’s purse?

The book is sure to delight your preschooler. The rhymes are creative and fun and the pictures are fantastic. There is a lot of energy in the book. The brightly colored visuals zooming up, down, and across the pages will delight the child with whom you are sharing the book.

As with all good picture books, the illustrations are a huge part of the appeal. Rick Thomson’s talented pictures make the text come to life. AJ also draws the child into the imagination by suggesting that if they take a peek in their mama’s purse – but be sure to ask permission first -- they might also find surprises.

A creative book you’ll read aloud time and time again – until your toddler memorizes it and begins to read it back to you.

My rating: 4 out of 5. The rhythm falters here and there which breaks up the cadence as you read aloud.

My mother's purse was always full of stuff as well.


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