Hout returns to Boise State as graduate assistant

By Brian Murphy

Former Boise State linebacker Byron Hout will be back on the Broncos' sidelines this fall as a defensive graduate assistant. Hout, a two-year starter, will coach linebackers.

Hout replaces Andrew Browning, who took a coaching position at UTEP under former Boise State offensive line coach Sean Kugler.

Hout led the team in tackles his senior season (2011) and was an All-Mountain West honorable mention. He began his career at defensive end before moving to linebacker. He earned All-WAC second-team honors as a junior. Hout had 157 career tackles, including 20.5 tackles for loss and seven sacks.

The Coeur d'Alene native was a defensive grad assistant at Washington State last season.

He will be

a heckuva coach, I always felt better about our defense when he was out there because of his savvy on the field. Now, he can get to work on stopping Bishop Sankey in the opener at Washington.

Didn't he also lead the team...

...in mouthing off and getting what he deserved for it?

The only thing worse than a Vandal.....

.......is a Teke Vandal. Way to hate on someone else’s success frat boy. Just because you haven't experienced any success in your own life doesn’t give you reason to be bitter towards others that have. Does it rain jealousy in Moscow every day?


To be fair, Hout was very successful at getting knocked out with one punch. Sonny Liston would be impressed. As for the "frat boy" comment? Why does where he is proud to have lived when he graduated from college a sore spot for you? A little embarrassed to let everyone know you lived in your mom's trailer when you didn't go to college?

to be fair

how, exactly, was Hout successful at getting knocked out with one punch? ligarette did deck him, he did not knock him out. ligarette is a coward who has been replaced in tampa bay by a much better running back.

I think we're splitting hairs here-

Coach Hout epitomizes everything I would expect from a former donk. He was a smart-as to someone that had a very bad day and got what he deserved. Blount is PLAYING in the NFL, not giving up because he can't hack it. Doug Martin was/is a great running back and Hout couldn't hold his jock. Hout was a jerk and obviously not good enough to play at the next level.

no, we're not splitting hairs

ligarette's nfl days are over. he was replaced by a real player. ligarette popped off to si that the ducks "owed boise state a whuppin." instead oregon got their tail whipped soundly and when ligarette was reminded of his idiotic comment, he lost his small brain and behaved like a complete coward.


Are we talking about Hout or Martin here? No one has questioned Martin v. Blount -- who would? Starting a first round running back over an undrafted free agent ... hmmm. Blount had a 1k rookie season as an undrafted free agent. While Doug Martin has proven himself as the starting back, Blount is still a restricted free agent. He will likely get another offer (which Tampa can match, if they want to keep him). I can imagine you believe his NFL days are over, but that is probably because you think that bsu is the same as an NFL team.

If we get back to talking about the jackarse, Hout made a smart-arsed comment and got popped for it. Given you'r crafty wit, I'm sure you know how that happens. When he got popped, he fell with one punch like a punk. While he might not have cried on camera, he was probably crying after no NFL team would even look at him. That's the funny thing about jack-arses - if they have talent, they will continue to have a job, but they have to be better than others around them. No one wants a jack-arse with no talent. Hout didn't get drafted -- didn't even impress anyone enough to get a job on a practice roster. Why wasn't he hired as a paid assistant? He was a GA last year at WSU. How many coaches do you know that have more than one GA year.....He's not at WSU because Leach didn't want him, and he's still a GA (at bsu) because TCP didn't want to pay him. Hout's position coach at WSU left for the DC position at UTEP -- notice Hout did not move into a paid position at WSU, nor was he offered a position at UTEP.... That's probably because his coaching skills are about as good as his football skills. Good for Martin, I hope he does well, but Hout is a punk.


hout reminded the punk ligarette about his comments which ligarette and his team were unable to back-up. ligarette behaved like the coward that he is and sucker punched hout. as for houts coaching ability, maybe he has it and maybe he does not. it bears no relevance to this discussion.

Well, not really

All he did was repeat the idiotic statement from a street punk, who proceded to throw an unprovoked punch.

First thing I'd do

is move Lawrence in with him....