Idaho House approves naming Capitol auditorium after Lincoln

The House approved
House Concurrent Resolution 5
on a voice vote Wednesday, sending the measure to the Senate.

HCR 5's sponsor, Rep. Linden Bateman, R-Idaho Falls, used his debate to reprise his committee testimony, again wowing lawmakers with his command of Lincoln anecdotes and poetry recitation. After Bateman made fun of himself for overdoing it, Speaker Scott Bedke assured him his passion was appropriate.

"That was eloquent and we're proud to have you as a spokesman for our state," said Bedke, R-Oakley.

The measure would give a permanent name to the large auditorium in the basement, which is called several things, including the Capitol auditorium, legislative auditorium, and because it's on the Senate side of the building, Senate auditorium.

The resolution also marks the 150th anniversary of Lincoln's signature of the law establishing Idaho Territory in 1863.

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OK, cool. Now can you folks

start dealing with issues of importance, like your constituents elected you to do, or is that too much to ask or expect....Sunny...

Now Now Sunny, I say let

Now Now Sunny,

I say let them name everything down to the chairs. As long as it keeps their collective minds busy and away from trying to piecemeal pass the repealed Luna laws and other legislation that goes against the will of the people who put them there.