Idaho House hails Olympic gold medalist Armstrong

Two Boise Democrats praised Boise's two-time Olympic gold medalist in a brief debate before the House unanimously approved House Concurrent Resolution 4, honoring Kristin Armstrong's accomplishments.

Said Rep. Hy Kloc: "Kristin is a true Idahoan with characteristics that we hope more people would emulate. She's a fierce competitor on the track, but a friend compatriot when the race is over. Kristin Armstrong is also a tireless volunteer and ambassador who promotes physical fitness throughout Idaho, the country and the world."

Kloc added that Armstrong is good for Idaho. "Kristin's performance has inspired an interest in cycling that promotes a healthy lifestyle and enhances the image of Idaho as a state with an active and vibrant outdoor culture."

Said Rep. Grant Burgoyne: "Kristin Armstrong has grit and determination. She never gives up. She reminds us that the Idaho character is strong and equal to any challenge that we face."

Burgoyne noted Armstrong's fall in a race shortly before the 2012 Olympics and her comeback that culminated in her second gold in the women's time trail.

"When Kristin fell and broke her collarbone in a bike race in the streets of Boise last year, I thought her hopes and ours for gold could well be over. But Kristin got back and went to work. She overcame great pain and adversity to become a champion once again and win a gold medal. After seeing that, you can any of us doubt our potential to accomplish great things. She truly is inspirational."

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nice to see

that the Republicans allow the Democrats to pass a bill once in a while. One of these days, perhaps they'll be allowed to pass something more substantive, like the jobs bills and ethics bills they've been putting forth the past few sessions.


When do we hear about Kristin's drugs tests?