Meridian High names new football coach

Porter Lacey was hired as the next Meridian High football coach Wednesday, said Meridian Athletic Director Luke Wolf.

Lacey, 31, has most recently been the head coach at New Plymouth, where he led the Pilgrims to five straight state playoff appearances.

"He understood the big picture with football. He understood that it starts down with those middle school kids," Wolf said. "... Another thing that jumped out to me is he is an amazing teacher, and amazing teachers are amazing coaches."

Lacey, who teaches physical education and weight training, was chosen from among more than 20 applicants.

"I did a long term substitute stint at Meridian before I came to New Plymouth, and I developed some good relationships with the administration, and staff and students," Lacey said. "I felt strongly that it would be a great place to work, and it would have to be to get me to leave New Plymouth."

Lacey replaces Kip Crofts, who resigned as head coach in early December.

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no kidding?

Lacey, who teaches physical education and weight training,

Man, this cat is trippin all over himself to justify stuff.

It's no guarantee the team will win anything.


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