Boise State football will play in Mountain Division of Mountain West; conference championship game set for Dec. 7

By Chadd Cripe
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The Boise State football team will play in the Mountain Division of the Mountain West beginning this year — a division that doesn’t include any of the league’s teams in the Pacific Time Zone.

Boise State will be joined by Air Force, Colorado State, New Mexico, Utah State and Wyoming in the Mountain Division.

The West Division includes Nevada, Fresno State, UNLV, Hawaii, San Diego State and San Jose State.

The inaugural Mountain West championship game will be played Saturday, Dec. 7, at the home of the qualifier ranked highest in the BCS standings (further tiebreakers, if necessary, are TBD).

Boise State Athletic Director Mark Coyle said he spoke to President Bob Kustra and football coach Chris Petersen before the meetings and they were supportive of the Mountain/West split despite losing annual rivalry games with Nevada and Fresno State.

“We’re still going to have an opportunity to play those teams,” said Coyle, who attended the Mountain West athletic director meetings Monday and Tuesday.

The Mountain/West split was the only idea presented to the athletic directors, he said.

“People liked the geography of it,” he said. “For fans, it gives them an opportunity to get to away games. That’s a priority for us and something I looked at. We’ll still have that opportunity to get into California, which is obviously a heavy recruiting area for us.”

Football teams will play each of the five teams in their division and three teams from the other division each season. The rotations will be determined through computer scheduling models, the league said.

The athletic directors wanted to play every team in the conference in a two-year span, but scheduling issues likely will force the league to go with a two years on, two years off format, a league official said. That means, for example, Boise State could play Nevada, San Diego State and UNLV in 2013-14 and Fresno State, San Jose State and Hawaii in 2015-16 (to be clear, that’s strictly an example and not an indication of which teams will land in each group).

The addition of a championship game was important to Boise State, which had the league’s intent to stage one included in its agreement to stay in the Mountain West.

“If you’re the highest-rated divisional champion, you’re going to host that game,” Coyle said. “Hosting that game on your campus, that’s going to be a huge advantage and hopefully that propels you to an access bowl (in the new postseason format).”

Basketball will not have divisions (there are 11 members). The men’s and women’s basketball teams will play 18-game conference schedules — two games against eight teams and one against two, determined by computer scheduling models.

The athletic directors didn’t want to go to 20 games and a full round robin.

“We all agreed our RPI is so high as a conference because we’ve gone out and played people,” Coyle said.

The MW hasn’t decided on a field for the basketball tournaments. Coyle prefers to allow all members to participate.


Here’s how Boise State has fared against the teams in each of the Mountain West’s divisions:


Air Force: 1-0
Colorado State: 2-0
New Mexico: 4-0
Utah State: 13-4 (last loss, 1997)
Wyoming: 7-0
Total: 27-4 (87.1 percent)


Fresno State: 11-4 (last loss, 2005)
Hawaii: 10-3 (2007)
Nevada: 26-13 (2010)
San Diego State: 1-1 (2012)
San Jose State: 11-0
UNLV: 5-3 (1976)
Total: 64-24 (72.7 percent)

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Conference championship

It will be awesome for the highest ranked team to end the season on their home field. Hopefully, it will be the Broncos celebrating on THE BLUE (wearing blue) December 7.

Credit the League Playas

Nice to see the 12 teams finalized, divisions set, and a conference championship game on for THIS YEAR!!

Hate it

Won't this hurt recruiting with no Cali teams.

I'd much rather see a north/south division:

San Jose

San Diego St
New Mexico
Air Force

With that'd add UNR, drop New MX

I like your divisions better also, but geographically, Fresno and San Jose are further south than CSU and Air Force.

Given the flexibility to intermingle the divisions, BSU still to play UNR, and the Cali teams on a regular basis.

Talk about CLUELESS

Apparently Jowblowwww here is incapable of COMPREHENDING the written word.........ALL TEAMS will play the teams in their division AND PLAY THREE GAMES AGAINST TEAMS FROM THE OTHER DIVISION.

HELLO...............are we COMPREHENDING this yet? If that STILL isn't getting thru to you then I suggest that you seek professional help A.S.A.P.

May I ask whom YOU seek?


People are broad-minded. They'll accept the fact that a person can be an alcoholic, a dope fiend, a wife beater and even a newspaperman, but if a man doesn't drive, there's something wrong with him.

And then season ticket sales plummeted.

So the 2013 home schedule will be Southern Miss, TN Martin and 2-3 of those teams? Ouch. If I were Croyle, I would be dropping that TN Martin game and trying to find a better home opponent pronto.

Good luck

trying to find a team that would be willing to come to Boise on such short notice.

We lost Austin

I'm sure it didn't have anything to do with going back to the MWC/WAC........

I think he

looked at how stacked Boise is at the position, and saw a better chance for playing time at Cal.

Nice schedule ....

Yawn ..... more typical cupcake baking. Small time program with pathetic schedule going nowhere. Boo hoo nobody will play us because they are scared.


must have been very hurt when BSU demolished your team. You repeat this post over and over. Grow a pair, Cinderella, and quit whining.

Disregard him

It's just the Ghost of Pony Past. The REAL Pony was so distraught by my "mean-spirited" words, that his psychologically-disturbed mind could do nothing but follow through with my "evil" suggestion. His inability to think logically was his downfall. And, he sadly took his own life because his feeble brain could not handle anything else.

As such, the Ghost of Pony Past just keeps repeating the same ethereal howling and whining.

Rivalry with the Wolf Pack?

I don't care too much about not seeing Fresno State every year, but Boise State and Nevada go way back... three more games and it'll be a longer rivalry than against Idaho. I think it would be vital for both teams to get to play each other every year as cross-divisional rivals.

Agree--UNR would be the best home draw from West Division

Especially since last game played in Reno. It would have decent regional / possible national TV interest depending on how xyz rankings plays out...

A nice

geographic split, but I agree with Bonwell on the Wolfpack. It's been a real good rivalry, and something should be worked out to make it an annual game. As the programs now stand Boise is in the weaker division, so Coyle should dump the Tennessee Martin game for a better opponent.

And just exactly

who is going to come to Boise on such short notice? As for playing Nevada, I wouldn't worry about playing them. In fact, I would see it as more of a challenge for Nevada to not play Boise since they seem to rely way too much on Boise, as evidenced by their track record in bowl games having the same outcome as their games against Boise over the years.


Nevada is 1-11 vs BSU in their last 12 games...........

Not really much of a rivalry....

26-13 is respectable

Most rivalries aren't evenly matched. Look at ND-Army, UW-WSU, or for that matter BSU-Idaho in recent years. And don't forget that when the rivalry started, Nevada was the big boys and Boise State was the rugrats, and UNR fans still think that way. It's a legit rivalry.


This does give the best odds that whomever plays us in the championship game will also be ranked.

Yes, but a lot of the games have been very close

I don't think you can gauge a rivalry just on the win-loss. These have tended to be very close games, pushing the Broncos to their limits.

Average score

of the last 12 game 47-21.......


does not translate into different outcome. In the end, the outcome is all that matters.

Div schedule

I'd like to see Reno, Fresno and SDSU on the Div schedule. A little more strength and the rivalrys have and would be great.

Just Because

Those teams are not in the division doesn't mean the Broncos won't play them. The Broncos play all the teams in the Mountain Division plus three teams from the West Division each year. The games may not happen as frequently as you want but they will happen. Relax

It's past time to get to work on winning this puppy then!



People are broad-minded. They'll accept the fact that a person can be an alcoholic, a dope fiend, a wife beater and even a newspaperman, but if a man doesn't drive, there's something wrong with him.

Love the Broncos

Hooray! I love it Lets go to Colorado for a change Air Force and Colorado State

There you go being reasonable again.

I will miss playing Reno every year about as much as I miss playing the Vandals.

lots of unknown for 2013

2013 Schedule Worst Case Scenario

8/31 @ Washington
9/7 Tenn-Martin
9/14 @ Wyoming
9/21 Colorado State
9/28 Southern Miss
10/5 @ Hawaii
10/19 New Mexico
10/26 @ BYU
11/2 SJSU
11/9 @ Utah State
11/16 UNLV
11/23 @ Air Force
12/7 @ MWC Championship game

3 in division home games, 1 out of division home game, travel to Hawaii, and conference championship away. This makes for a pretty unattractive home schedule to shop around to prospective broadcasting outlets.

on the other hand

2013 Schedule Best Case Scenario

8/31 @ Washington
9/7 Northern Illinois
9/14 @ Wyoming
9/21 Utah State
9/28 Southern Miss
10/5 @ Fresno St
10/12 SDSU
10/19 Air Force
10/26 @ BYU
11/9 @ Colorado State
11/16 Nevada
11/23 @ New Mexico
12/7 MWC Championship game

Replacing the Tenn-Martin game with an attractive non conference home game, 2 in division home game, 2 out of division home games, and a conference championship at home makes for a much more palatable 2013. I hope the MWC realizes that having Boise State as a showcase for their new conference alignment is in the best interest of everyone in the MWC.

What a joke. The Mountain

What a joke. The Mountain West is making sure it takes care of the "BSU Brand" by giving them a free pass to a BCS game with a creampuff schedule.


is the pig and BSU is the lipstick........

May as well get used to it.


Please use your influence with your team to schedule a meaningful game for the Broncos. Thanks.

Times change.

Within the past few seasons, Hawaii played in a BCS bowl, Utah State sucked, and Southern Miss won 11 games. Anything can, and will, happen. The MWC is already better than the Big East, the programs will grow as much as the BCS (SEC) will allow, and the Broncs will still be ranked. Sure, we can all think of a better split, but it's time to look at the big picture. Take care of the program, and the league will take care of itself. Look how much we gained in basketball scheduling. Go Big Blue! (Personally, I preferred the Fiesta Bowl Orange jerseys and Blue pants!)