Weekend update: Ice fishing on C.J. Strike

Image It was good weekend, but not so good if you were a perch. It's great to have ice fishing so close and convenient at C.J. Strike. Ice was about a foot thick off Cottonwood Campground. Stay away from the dam. There's still some open water there.

Fishing was fair to good, but it was definitely spotty. We had people yarding one perch after another out of one hole and bait left untouched from a hole 20 feet away. So if you're not getting bites, move. If you haven't ice fished before, this is a great time to start. You can't ask for better ice fishing weather. There's also an ice fishing derby Saturday at Lake Cascade, and volunteers plan to pre-drill some holes so you can fish even if you don't have an auger. You can rent augers at Tackle Tom's in Cascade or at West Magic Resort, or just spring for one. If not now, when?

All the ice I fished is cubed in the freezer.


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