Fat bikes for rent in the Treasure Valley

I mentioned fat bikes in my Jan. 17 column, and then found out that Meridian Cycles at 830 North Main Street in Meridian rents them for $50 per day. They have a 15-inch and 19-inch frames, which sounds like his and hers rigs. The photo above isn't necessarily one of their bikes, but it gives you an idea of what they look like. The oversized balloon tires float on packed snow. From what I've heard and read, they roll well on groomed trails such as snowmobile or cross country ski trails, or just packed snow on roads. But hold that thought. According to Jennifer Okerland at Idaho Parks and Recreation, "they are probably not allowed (on groomed Nordic trails) because they would tear up the ski tracks," she said. But she added that there's no specific rule against them and "there hasn't been any demand yet." Groomed snowmobile trails typically fall under the jurisdiction of county or Forest Service, depending on which agency manages them. I will try to get more information soon.

Does no good on multiple-frozen city streets...

And it has A DERAILLEUR to get gunked up and frozen. Get real, please, IDPR.

Signed, A winter biker...


This brouhaha could have been prevented...communication?