Otter's press secretary leaves Capitol in ambulance, now home resting

Shortly before 10 a.m. Thursday, Gov. Butch Otter's spokesman and a former reporter at Channel 2, was taken out of the Capitol on a gurney by Ada County Paramedics.

Paramedics provided supplemental oxygen to Hanian, as he was wheeled out to the ambulance. As he was surrounded by Idaho State Police officers and Capitol security officers, Hanian gave me a wry smile and said, "Allergic reaction to a medication."

By mid-afternoon Thursday, Gov. Otter's chief of staff, David Hensley, said Hanian was resting at home.


Ran out of hot air.

Hanian was a TV reporter but how does he know?

How does he know it was his medication, did they tell him?

Why would he crack a 'wry smile'? I had a medication almost kill me last July and I couldn't crack a smile about it?

Mr. Hanian needs to be more observant of his overall condition and report his condition to his physician more diligently.


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