No 'Capital for a Day' coming for Boise, or other major cities

A reader asked yesterday whether Boise has ever had or will ever get a visit from Gov. Butch Otter's "Capital for a Day" roadshow.

In short, said Otter spokesman Jon Hanian, "No." The aim of the monthly visits is to bring state officials closer to out-of-the way constituents.

"We have not conducted a Capital for a Day for Boise or any of the other larger cities," Hanian said. "These are primarily designed for the smaller and more rural communities."

In a news release Wednesday, Otter said he would bring Lt. Gov. Brad Little and top agency officials to Kuna on Jan. 25.

"We try to stay closer to Boise during the (legislative) session, for obvious reasons," Hanian said. "So, that's kind of why Kuna was scheduled."

What Otter calls his "most disastrous" Capital for a Day was during the session several years ago, in Midvale.

But Otter has held "Women's Day at the Capitol," in the Legislature's auditorium, Hanian said. While tailored for women and focused on women's issues, the sessions are "set up exactly like Capital for a Day."

Hanian added that big-city folk are welcome to show up in Kuna or other locales.

My thanks for the question from "becourteous," a regular anonymous poster, who wrote, "I know that may sound ridiculous given Boise is the capital every day. However, has he ever held a public forum for the citizens of Boise with all the agency heads to hear from the average citizen?

"If he hasn't, is Boise on the list for a future forum?"

Thanks for asking, Dan!

I like that the Governor and his agency representatives go out to multiple communities to hear from citizens. It's a shame he doesn't think citizens in larger areas would benefit from the same opportunity.

I believe the idea is to visit towns that can't see...

him much and could use the visit.

This makes perfect sense in that respect. You Canyon and Ada residents are pretty capable of getting to the Capital in Boise.

It's the capital every day.


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People in Boise

don't often have the chance to listen to the Governor along with all his agency heads at a forum where the everage Idahoan can ask questions or express their views. Just because I can easily stop by the Capitol Building, doesn't mean I get the chance to speak with the Governor or any of his agency heads.

Dude! You're using the answer to the question?



This brouhaha could have been prevented...communication?

Try setting up an appointment with the Governor and

mutiple agency heads and tell me how easy that is. Living in Boise doesn't mean automatic access to the Governor or his administration.

Yes but his secretaries can ignore youy email properly!


This brouhaha could have been prevented...communication?

last time the Governor came to Kuna

about eight people came to hear him speak. It was kind of embarrassing.

No shame

Why is that embassassing? For the Kuna people or the Gov?
As FO so elequently states above [most] people in Canyon and Ada County can go see their govt representative pretty easily. And reality be told, so can every other person in Idaho. It's called a PHONE and the Internet.

Perhaps the embarassing part is the "Capital for a Day" program.
Unless you are a dept head and just want an overnight stay in CDA to put in a round of golf.

It's PR, P2.


This brouhaha could have been prevented...communication?