Dress for winter bike riding for the low, low price of $1,337

Yes, I am being sarcastic, but that's the total cost of a full winter outfit for bike commuting put together by an editor at Gear Junkie, and it would work equally well for winter trail riding. Heck, that's about half my annual fuel bill for my Dodge Ram pickup that guzzles gas like a frat boy at a keg party, so it kind of negates the savings of bike commuting. The website did a break down of the winter riding clothes one of its editors wears for winter commuting in Minnesota, which I will venture to say is consistently colder than our winters, not just during a cold snap like we're experiencing. While most of us won't dump the cash on the full outfit, you can pick and choose out of this gear to keep you warm on the most frigid rides. I know I am lusting after those gloves, I just can't pull the trigger on $130 digit protectors. Must be because of my numb hands. WIthout further chatter, check it out HERE.


Or you could just dress in your duck hunting gear -plus gaiters (like Zimo promoted last week) and pedal on.

duck call included.

What do Ducks wear to hunt for a new coach?


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