Idaho's Labrador on the GOP: 'I want us to be known as the pro-immigration party'

Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho, was one of six panelists at a Tuesday Capitol Hill forum sponsored by Politico, saying, “I want us to be known as the pro-immigration party. I want us to be known that we welcome people to this country, that we want people to be successful. I want our party to take this lead on immigration reform.”

Labrador also advocated a multi-pronged approach to immigration reform in the new Congress, rather an a comprehensive bill.

“Every member of Congress will find something in a comprehensive bill that they will not like,” Labrador said. “We should have a series of bills — four, five or six bills — that we debate separately but that we vote together on the House floor.”

Politico reports that "Labrador accused the White House of aiming for a 'political victory' instead of a 'policy victory.'"

Last year, Labrador co-sponsored a bill to grant up to 55,000 visas to for foreign nationals receiving "STEM" degrees in science, technology, engineering and math from U.S. universities. The bill passed the House but died in the Senate.

Last week, Labrador told the Statesman that his decision on whether to run for governor in 2014 would hinge in significant part on prospects for immigration reform in the 2013 and 2014.

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Republicans pro-immigration?

I just spit my coffee out. Raul the comedian.


For sure.

C'mon Now...

Raul's constituents have told him how hard it is to find good help to maintain the grounds and keep the mansion spotless. That's why Raul is suddenly pro-immigration.

Can't just change 50 years of tradition with a press-release

"I want us to be known as the pro-immigration party."

After 50+ years as being the "anti-immigration" party, that will be a tough sell for the majority of Americans.

Good luck with that!


Raul, we obviously made a mistake. You are done.

Pro Immigration

Some of you may not remember but the last amnesty reform ever instituted was the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA 86). The reform was spearheaded by President Ronald Reagan. No one party has the market on pro immigration policies or else legislation would have been passed on some sort of comprehensive immigration reform once and for all.

Today's Republican Party

is not the party of Reagan. It's the party of Tea Party.

Raul - the GOP's great hope to appeal to "minorities"

So, tell us what your party has done for the immigrants and minoities? How did those attempts at voter registration work out? Raul is so thrilled with the attention he stopped thinking. The GOP lost the minority vote and is scrambling to find a new voice. My advice is that they keep looking. And we elected him over Walt Minnick. Unbelievable.

Show Raul the Door

Obama has said he was happy to work out a permanent fix on immigration as soon as the other side (GOP) came around. “For those who say we should do this in a bipartisan fashion: absolutely,” he said. “My door has been open for three and a half years. They know where to find me.”

And what he means by that

And what he means by that is, "I'll talk about this in exchange for you giving in on taxes, or gun control, etc.)


gotta be joking!

Note didn't say "illegal"

Note didn't say "illegal" immigration party.

Obviously the Republican party has a long way to go to meet even Raul's vision of it, but, this is why the guy is as relevant as he is. The Republicans can't continue to alienate the growing number of Hispanic voters. Those voters aren't a lost cause - a good number of them are socially conservative and they have voted for certain Republicans in the past in strong numbers. (Even GWB did decently with them).

sadly your point is lost on

sadly your point is lost on these deaf ears. this is the internettubez. logic is not strong here.

Dear Lost in a Lost Intertube:

I'm sorry, I slept all day and just got up and now I forgot. Let me go back and re-read. (You can do that)

...1,2,3...oh yeah, I was going to say not IMMI- but EMIgration, as in clock out, ADIOS.

Loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly...Bev's place, not Hills.

Y'all come back now!


This brouhaha could have been prevented...communication?


I don't really understand how republicans actually think they will ever get any substantial number of minorities/immigrants to vote for them. it will never happen. ever.

He he!

Raul's true colors are leaking out.
( I never saw what was wrong with Minnick anyway)


Anyone for granting amnesty to Mexicans (that's who we're talking about) should take a trip to Los Angeles and see how having a huge Hispanic population works out.

Hold your nose because that place stinks to high heaven now. Gangs, drop-outs, anchor babies, general stupidity everywhere.

Raul should be working on legislation to run the illegals out -- not crawling after votes the GOP won't get anyway.

Raul wants to be the next

Raul wants to be the next Congressman.

I'd be happy if he would act like a current Congressman

Forget about the next Congressman, I'd like him to do his job as our current Congressman!! Maybe he could skip a few talk shows and failed attempts to overthrow the House. Get to work and actually show something for your time there. It's pretty easy for a sitting member of Congress to get reelected if they actually get things done.

Bye Raul...

You're done in Idaho. Don't let the door hit you. Perhaps you should head south of the border & practice politics. Brush up on gang & drug lingo first & make sure you buddy up to a few cartel members.

Democrats & this Republican take politics to new low

Americans need to open their eyes. I can't belive hispanics citizens would vote for a party based on whether they support ILLEGAL immigration. How can you justify granting citizenship to illegals? Futhermore, pandering to the hispanic people by agreeing to circumvent the constitution is a new low in politics. I'm sorry I have no respect for the Democratic party anymore. Yes you won the Presidential election but people now see how you accomplished it. Sad day in America...

You know the best way to be known as the pro-immigration party?

Stop talking about it and get to work! If you worked more to actually get something done instead of worrying about how you are known, the job would be a lot easier.

P.S. It would also be easier if so mnay in the GOP would stop using immigrants as scapegoats for all that is wrong.

Labrador is waiting to decide about a race for governor

So, if he is ineffective in Congress, he thinks we should vote for him as Governor? That's a strange campaign message.

I just want the GOP to make any kind of sense. AGAIN.


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.

I'll second that comment

I'll second that comment with a high five!

Give me a strong D opponent for Labrador

in 2014. Any strong candidate. Larry Grant comes to mind, as a reasonable D with a very moderate background and strong pro-economy and pro-job credentials.

Idaho needs an alternative to this wacko Labrador.

that is obviously the pro

that is obviously the pro LEGAL immigration party approach. not the amnesty approach that the white house seems to be taking.

His position is not new to Idaho

I am surprised at this thread, as his viewpoint is traditional in Idaho politics. Many of his constituents continue to need laborers to pull weeds, move pipe, etc., just as they have needed these services in the past.

Of course he is representing his constituents, they do not want the INS to come in and capture their help, unless of course they do it right after harvest but before payday.