Take a drive for eagle watching


They're not everywhere but if you take a drive from Boise along Warm Springs Avenue to Lucky Peak Dam and beyond up Idaho 21 toward the Mores Creek arm of Lucky Peak Reservoir, chances are you'll see an eagle.

This critter was sitting in a tree behind the Ben's Crow Inn. I shot the photo with a 300mm lens so I would not disturb it. It's an immature bald eagle.

So far this winter, I've seen golden eagles along the rimrock and sagebrush slopes around the reservoir and bald eagles along the Boise River from the Idaho 21 bridge into the main part of Downtown.

It's a great time to get out and see eagles. It's not a given. It's hit and miss but worth the effort.

Salt in our rivers?

It seems that rather than use equipment (some work...) or sand to remove snow/ice, most everyone spreads salt on walkways and roadways so they can sit back and hope it works. It doesn't seem to be working. I wonder how much of the salt gets into our waterways and what impact it has on those resources? Is the salt level in the water measured anywhere?

Don't worry!

There's a lot more waste and toxic material than SALT in there.


This brouhaha could have been prevented...communication?


Was out on Map Rock rd today and saw two Golden Eagles, they are huge make the Baldys look like robins. Also saw A Gray Falcon and a Peregrine Falcon river was full of ducks