Landmark day for Boise Sen. Durst -- 33rd birthday and preacher for a day

Sen. Branden Durst filled in for the Senate Chaplain James Wibberding on Tuesday, offering a prayer to open the floor session with an appeal to touch all 105 Idaho lawmakers.

Durst, D-Boise, asked that lawmakers feel the hand of God "and they would be able to reach out and use your compassion and your mercy" to "give them hearts to see."

Durst's full prayer follows:

Dear Lord, we thank you so much for the awesome responsibility that you've bestowed upon us to serve this great state.

We just pray that today we would be reminded of that authority and responsibility, Lord, that you would bring special opportunities for us to gracefully and compassionately apply that authority, Lord.

Lord, I pray for each and every one here today that you would touch each of them individually, Lord, and that you would put your hand upon them and guide them in the direction that would be in accordance with your will, Lord.

I pray specifically for their families, Lord, for children that haven't seen them for awhile. For those that have children at home, I just pray specifically for them as well, Lord, that you would extend grace to those families, Lord, that you would bless them and that you would help them.

Lord, I just pray especially for all of our lawmakers in this building that you would give them hearts to see and they would be able to reach out and use your compassion and your mercy to do that, Lord. I thank you for your desire to work through us, Lord, your desire to have relationship with us, Lord.

Let us pray today that you would continue to be on our hearts as we go on throughout the acts of our day.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

I don't know about this approach.

I think the way our state legislature has been the past few sessions, it might be more productive to start off with a stiff drink rather than a prayer....Sunny...

LOL, one for me and two for

LOL, one for me and two for you! Stiff drink that is.


In both its candor and thoughtfulness. Branden's a very reasoned and inspired legislator who stands in stark contrast to his predecessor... Frankly I'm relieved to have him back representing D18 & all of Idaho.

beninboise, you've gotta be kiddin' me

Durst is a doofus. Can't leave him alone for second, he goes off into la-la-land and starts talking immature and crazy. He embarra$$es far more often than he reasons or inspires, too often acting like a 3 year old.

And I'm a Democrat.

Then you need to work's different here...


This brouhaha could have been prevented...communication?