Idaho's conformance with IRS tax code delayed -- but just by a day or so

The normally routine measure conforming Idaho's income tax code with the federal version was delayed by House Speaker Scott Bedke on Tuesday because the measure didn't get a hearing in committee.

A hearing on House Bill 1 will be held Wednesday morning, said Revenue & Taxation Committee Chairman Gary Collins, R-Nampa.

"We should have had a hearing on it in the first place," Collins said.

The matter was brought to Bedke's attention by House Majority Leader Mike Moyle, R-Star. Moyle, a member of the committee, wasn't present when the bill was introduced Thursday and immediately sent to the House floor.

Later, Moyle told me, he had inquiries from lawmakers concerned that compliance would mean Idaho was adopting tax changes to help implement the Affordable Care Act. He also said some of the nine newcomers on the 16-member committee had questions about the bill's fiscal note, which said the measure has a $6 million impact.

Moyle said the Idaho Tax Commission assured him there are no Obamacare-related changes in the Idaho income tax.

Bedke, R-Oakley, said he expects the measure to move quickly after the hearing, assuring taxpayers and tax preparers that they won't have to make two sets of calculations, one for federal taxes, one for state.

"Obviously, the accountants around the state need to know," Bedke said. "So, it's incumbent upon us to expedite it as best we can without short-cutting the hearing process."

Too many cooks

Too many people on the committees and they are uninformed about the topics.

Solution- less committee assignments per legislator. And a requirement to know something about the committee topic.

No Obamacare changes....thank goodness.

We wouldn't want to make any changes to our code to meet the current law. Heaven forbid. There is a lot of stuff I don't like in Obamacare, but guess what, it's the law. Governor Otter was right, legislators are sworn to uphold the law..not just the laws they agree with.

Did they ask for an extension?


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