Bedke: new rule establishing Idaho House Ethics Committee near introduction

House Speaker Scott Bedke, R-Oakley, said he hopes to have the rule introduced next week.

"We're floating drafts of the proposed rule around," Bedke said Tuesday. "We made a few changes, minor tweaks."

Bedke said the GOP caucus, which holds 57 of the 70 House seats, will discuss the rule establishing a standing Ethics Committee in a closed-door caucus Thursday.

The rule will go to House Judiciary & Rules Committee, Bedke said. It would be subject to approval by the full House.

Bedke has pressed for the change to help improve public perception and confidence after a series of ethical questions raised about lawmakers in recent years. In the past, ethics committees were empaneled after the lodging of a compliant and members appointed by the speaker.

If the committee is established it will have regular membership and would become the 15th standing committee in the House.

Pass a copy over to the

Pass a copy over to the Senate. They need the same guidelines or similar even more stringent ones!


did insert the clause, "Thou shalt not pass thy stop sign by," didn't he Dan?

Closed doors

Why is this being discussed behind closed doors and why is it not a collaborative, bi-partisan effort?

Good question, Steve. I

Good question, Steve. I would comment its because they do NOT truly want to condone ethics in government.

I have no problem with some closed door discussions

They should have some frank discussions about the content without Popkey writing an article about things like who didn't get along or the Tea Party threatening people for talking about compromise. They can speak frankly about how they need to own this issue given recent events and be critical of their own. Unfortunately, this is where we are in Idaho politics.
This is part of gaining bi-partisan support...make sure your caucus is comfortable with the legislation if there is any chance of putting their name on it with Democrats. Sadly, in Idaho, compromising now seems to be reason for a primary opponent. I certainly hope they invite the Democrats to be co-sponsors.

If talking among themselves means they will move ethics legisation forward, I can handle that. It's the ugly reality of politics. That said, the legislative process still needs to be transparent and include public hearings.

All of the ethics issues will be closed anyway...


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