Labrador mulling race for Idaho governor, but insists he's not decided

Republican Rep. Raul Labrador says he's waiting to measure the prospects of reforming immigration law in Congress before determining whether to shift gears and run for governor in 2014. GOP Gov. Butch Otter has said he is running for a third term, but has made no formal announcement.

"Right now, my number one priority is doing something about immigration," Labrador told me Friday. "And it will help me -- seeing how things are in Washington. Whether we can get something done or not is going to be instrumental in helping me make my decision. It's going to be one of the keys.

"And I know people don't believe me -- they think I've already made a decision -- but it's not something I wake up every morning and think about. I know other people do, for some reason."

Otter's campaign website is on hiatus and some doubt whether he'll actually seek a third term; Otter will be 72 during the 2014 campaign. Lt. Gov. Brad Little is seen as the front-runner should Otter retire, but Labrador could be a strong challenger from the GOP's tea party wing in a closed GOP primary in May 2014.

Said Labrador, "I hope that have a decision by early this year."

Some observers viewed Labrador's leadership of a group that sought to oust House Speaker John Boehner as a sign that he wanted out of Washington and to return to his young family in Eagle. Labrador not only helped lead the unsuccessful coup, but pointedly refused to cast a ballot on Jan. 3. His senior Idaho colleague, Rep. Mike Simpson, blasted Labrador, saying he'd forever compromised his credibility in the House, as I reported Sunday.

Labrador disputed the theory that he'd burned his bridge with Boehner and that was a signal he'll run for governor.

"Number one, I haven't burnt my bridge, so the premise is flawed," Labrador said. "But number two, I haven't made a decision. I think I have important work to do in Washington, D.C., with immigration. And it is one of the reasons I did what I did (in opposing Boehner). If we continue to capitulate on taxes, on spending, on all the issues that are important to the Republican Party, we're never going to be effective in reforming the immigration system. I don't want to be a legislator who's there for 14 years and hasn't done anything."

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The flap over Labrador's bucking Boehner strikes me as Jr. High level pettiness. I am not a big fan, but at least he stood up for his beliefs and didn't go along to get along--like Simpson. If that forever ruins his effectiveness, it's a sad mess that Congress has become--one that needs reform. The same goes for the pettiness in the state legislature. The idea that my representative or senator won't be able to do anything because leadership might not like him is pretty sad.


The fact that he did what he thought was right is commendable. The fact that how he did it was so amateurishly done says he has no business trying to be a governor.

Grade School Report Card ?

Someone should check the grade school report cards of those aspiring to run for elected office.
I suspect that Labrador's report card might have mentioned "does not play well with others".

It says volumes about the state of Idaho politics when the names Otter and Labrador are mentioned as out next governor.

Actually, Brad Little would be much better

than either Otter or Labrador. But I'm really interested to see who the Democrats come up with for a candidate this next time. Hope it's somebody decent....Sunny...

Next Demo candidate for Governor

Larry LaRocco or Nicole LeFavour. Both would make stellar candidates.

Hahahahahaha.... to funny!

Hahahahahaha.... to funny! Who says socialists don't have humor.

93% of all felonies, including murders and assaults, are committed by self-identified democrats. Ban democrats. Not guns

Good one.... not.

How about we ban you for making stupid crap up and then believing it?

proton, you got to be

proton, you got to be kidding - Lafavor. No way; absolutely no way. All she knows how to do is whine, whine and more whining without substantial problem solving remedies. Her displayed philosophy is just put more money into a program, service, etc. No way; absolutely no way.


I just realized it was Proton who made the original comment. I mistakingly thought it was someone making a serious comment rather than Proton out trolling...nevermind.

Agreed, but . . .

I agree about Brad Little; however, I don't know if he would be able to get the Republican nomination. The Idaho Republican party has been taken over by the far right Tea-partyers. Do you remember the shouving match between Little and Nonini? The Party of Phil Batt is long gone.

I second that

Amazing how one of the most successful state GOP groups in the country are making changes to appeal to fewer and fewer people.

If you mean by "does not

If you mean by "does not play well with others" that he doesn't cave to the socialist left, I like that! It's getting so now days you can't tell the difference between establishment Republicans and the lefties. I'll support the MOST conservative candidate on a ticket every single time. :)

Ohhhh Nooooo

Haven't we suffered enough?


He wouldn't get my vote for anything.

Labrador, one of the original “Baby Steps to Ethics Boys”

Labrador, one of the original “Baby Steps to Ethics Boys” in Idaho along with Denney, Moyle, Goedde, Semanko, Nonini, and their ilk damaged our Party and damaged Idaho Citizens.

The aforementioned are not alone as similarly troubled leaders have transformed three wonderful States, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona into the Western Kook Corridor.

We Republicans need to need to tweak our “autovote” mechanism that involuntarily causes us to vote for any name with an “R” after it. Read and weep.



They “Baby Steps to Ethics Boys/Girls, in all three states are intent on deregulating and privatize everything Public so a few can make billions at taxpayer expense. They look to Abramoff and ALEC, and in Idaho Foster and Fields for guidance regarding “ethics.”

Idaho Republicans, we are better than this.

Sun, you are so right. Idaho

Sun, you are so right. Idaho long time republicans are better than what is being displayed and has been displayed the past couple of years. It is no wonder so many long time republicans are expressing vocally without restraint the need for a political party representing their collective interests and values. True Idaho republicans are better than this.

should have voted for Minnick

In retrospect we Republicans should have voted for Minnick, the much better candidate back in 2010. Minnick erred when he employed John Foster as a campaign operative. That’s Foster of Foster & Fields who questioned Ben Ysursa’s integrity when Ben stood up for Idaho citizens enforcing our Sunshine laws.

In the last election we should have pulled the “D” lever again for the challenger vs Labrador.

It is sad what they've done to it.

I'm a Recovering Republican.

Oh, a Ron Paul droid.

Oh, a Ron Paul droid.

There just might be an

There just might be an increase in voting in the GOP primary just to assure that Lab is not re-elected to any political position.

Really? I'm not sure we are

Really? I'm not sure we are keeping tabs on the same Idaho GOP if you think that. Labrador always gets a rockstar welcome in any GOP event he attends; the 2012 convention, any committee meetings, fundraisers, etc.

Not in Idaho about the true

Not in Idaho about the true long time Idaho GOP. Could care less what those in WDC circles; they don't vote and he doesn't represent them. He seems to have forgotten that

That's true

However, I don't think the average voter is going to these events. I know I have stopped going and most never did.

I would be more interested

I would be more interested in Labrador then Otter at this point. Otter thinks an exchange is just hunky dory. Labrador at least shows up once in awhile at the tea party meeting. THAT, I like.

...shows up once and awhile

...shows up once and awhile at a tea party meeting" Why would Otter appear at a tea party meeting; he wouldn't; he's not a tea party member. He's a member of the Idaho GOP.

Good point

I wish the Tea Party would form their own party instead of distorting the GOP.


Tea For Me.

Just Sayin'

I hope all you Republicans, left of Tea Party, enjoy that closed primary. You brought it on yourselves...

labrador for gov

the dems must be salivating


Most dogs do.

Most dogs do

So did Einstein.

How Low can you Go

With Raul at the helm, Idaho's near last place status in income disparity between the rich and poor, employment picture, schools, and graduation and college attendance will surely set some new lows.

You think "no way" …

" … but Labrador could be a strong challenger from the GOP's tea party wing in a closed GOP primary …" where wack-jobs stand a chance.

suddenly...(can't believe I am saying this)

I LOVE Otter....never thought I would say that. Labrador...bought and paid for special interest flunky. His only concern...making his rich buddies richer...if it is on the backs of others..even more awesome for him, and his kind. Like hoping someone who is real competition shows up for the other side. We need a breath of fresh air...and we don't need anything else privatized.

Running for Gov could be a good thing for two reasons;

First, he wouldn't be 1/2 of the Idaho contingent in the House.

Second, he couldn't win and he could go and be a Washington Wonk and we wouldn't have to hear from him again. He could then be paid to do nothing by someone other than taxpayers.

Remember Keith Allred?

Probably the best governor candidate since Cecil Andrus, yet you all voted for Butch anyway (insert knee-jerk here). You know it won't make any difference who the dems run.

Peter Principle

Yes, Mr. Labrador, you've messed up your chances in Washington so it's time to come home. After the failed coupe attempt Mr. Labrador has reached his level of incompetency.

Boehner is corrupt

Not voting for Boehner is the correct action. He is corrupt.

This video was posted on another article. Check it out. It shows Boehner throwing a vote and following a teleprompter script. Why didn't we see any coverage of this in the Statesman (or did I miss it)?:

So, why didn't he actually vote for somebody?

Seems like a wasted vote to me.

might as well

Might as well put him in there, and keep up the tradition of making the last one look good after the fact. Idaho has been doing it gubernatorially for a while now.

He decided, "I will definitely NOT be decided"...Yazoo


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