Marks, two others to return for Boise State's game with New Mexico

By Brian Murphy

Boise State leading scorer Derrick Marks, key reserve Mikey Thompson and backup big man Darrious Hamilton will be available to play for the Broncos in Wednesday's home game against New Mexico, the school announced Saturday.

All three were suspended for Boise State's Mountain West opener at Wyoming, a game the Broncos won 63-61.

Reserve center Kenny Buckner will serve a three-game suspension and miss games against New Mexico and Air Force (Jan. 19). He is eligible to return to the team for the Fresno State game on Jan. 23.

All suspensions were for violating team rules, the school said.


to see that Marks, Thompson, and Hamilton will be back for the big game on Wednesday(even though every game for the rest of the season is pretty much a big game). A good opportunity for the fans to see practically the full team. I hope more tickets are in demand for the rest of the season.



Thanks Coach!

Nice to see the discipline.

No opinion

Until the offenses are leaked, reported, and known.

don't hold your breath

Did we ever hear what Titus Young did when he sat out a season?

Who Cares

It's not important that it's known what the four players did to get suspended. Coach Rice showed his fabric and if the kids learned from it, then all is well. Go Broncos.

Keeping it

internal is the right policy. If the offenses were listed, then bloggers would be questioning whether the penalty was too harsh or too lenient. Not our business, "a violation of team rules" is all fans need to know.