Feel good story of the week: Tamarack ski patrol rescues lost sheep

ImagePhoto courtesy of Tamarack.

On Sunday, Jan, 6 the ski patrol at Tamarack Resort rescued a sheep trapped in deep snow just outside the ski area's boundary, Tamarack officials reported. Backcountry skiers spotted the sheep and reported it. No one knew how long the sheep had been trapped, but it appeared to have been several days or longer. Ski patrollers located and rescued the sheep and then transported it to a local ranch where it is now recovering.

No word on whether it was skiing or snowboarding. Just kidding about that part.

Thanks to all involved.

Ewe guys done good. Don't be sheepish about your accomplishment, just sit by the fire,
enjoy a hot Woolite toddy, and pat yourselves on the baaaaaack....Sunny...

should have

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Too funny

I think he might have been trying to go Baaab sledding! :)

good one

The local wolves are disappointed.


Looks like dinner to me.

This is good!

Way to go.