An old legislative dog tries learning new tricks: the return of Jim Clark

Fourteen-year veteran Rep. Jim Clark is darkening the halls of the Capitol this week, in his new job as a lobbyist.

Clark, one of the funniest lawmakers ever, represented Kootenai County from 1996-2010 and spent two years as chairman of Ways & Means and four years as chairman of Judiciary. He also spent a decade on the Revenue & Taxation Committee, where I spotted him with his lobbyist's green name tag Wednesday morning.

"This is my third day on the job, so I know everything," Clark said, showing off his J.C. & Associates.

"My other associate is my wife," Clark said. Vickie Parker Clark remains back home in Hayden Lake, keeping the books.

Clark said he has three clients: Frontier Communications, ACES and the Kootenai County Sheriff's office.

Connecticut-based Frontier is the nation's forth-largest phone company, Clark said, operating land lines in 27 states, including 99,000 in Idaho.

ACES, headquartered in Coeur d'Alene, provides mental health services, with six offices across the state, and 300 employees.

The Kootenai County sheriff is interested in clarifying whether court bailiffs work for the sheriff or the county, Clark said.

Clark said he's walking to work from a nearby hotel and enjoying remaking acquaintances. "I'm glad to be back. I've got so many friends here."

funny or not..

I think it's disgusting when governmental entities take taxpayer money and hire lobbyists to lobby other governmental agencies.