Four Boise State basketball players suspended for Mountain West opener

By Brian Murphy

LARAMIE, Wyo. — Four Boise State basketball players, including leading scorer Derrick Marks, have been suspended indefinitely by coach Leon Rice.

Marks, top reserves Mikey Thompson and Kenny Buckner and backup big man Darrious Hamilton did not make the trip to Laramie for the Mountain West opener against undefeated Wyoming.

Sophomore Joe Hanstad will start in place of Marks.

Marks, Thompson and Buckner are three of the Broncos' top seven players. Marks leads the team in scoring at 16.3 points per game and assists at 4.0 per game. Thompson is the team's top bench option, averaging 8.7 points per game in 24.8 minutes. Buckner, the team's lone senior, is the primary low-post reserve. He is averaging 6.7 points and 4.9 rebounds per game.

Boise State (12-2) is off to its best start since 1987-88 (16-1). The Broncos have rarely played more than eight players meaningful minutes this season so their depth will be tested.

Wyoming (13-0) will be without guard Luke Martinez, the team's second-leading scorer at 14.5 points per game. Martinez broke his right ring finger in a bar fight, according to the Casper (Wyo.) Star-Tribune.

Are you kidding?

I understand that young men make mistakes. I made LOTS of them at their age. But as my two year old would say......"C'mon man"! Your Divison 1 athletes for _hrist sakes.


Couldn't agree more.


Any facts (or rumors) as to the infraction ?

Chalk up one in the L column

Thanks coach for holding the line. If we can not do it the right way...we don't derserve to win. These guys only can blame themselves.

Most likely ...

Fall semester grades came in. Those truck driving and communication courses can be brutal.


Grades would have been back a few weeks ago. These four are tight and are always together. I think its something else.


Idaho's Coach lets their star player play after a DUI with no suspension, Boise State suspends 4 players with no criminal charges.
Yeah, Idaho fans, flap your gums, you just look as hypocritical and ignorant as always.

Most definitely ...

You, Pony are a complete looser tool. Go away! TV guys are saying one game suspensions.

I'm not a Broncos fan,

But I give the coaches a lot of respect and credit for running clean programs. Takes a class operation to take actions like this.

I am a Broncos' fan and I agree

Coach Pete does the same thing, and it's the right thing to do to build the right kind of program. Get players who are character guys and show them a system that works. If they're lacking the right character, show them the tough love to help them learn the Rice/BSU way to success (best lessons learned).

Rice's system works, as seen tonight. Big ups for an upstart program!

TEAM First

Has to be a team effort, individualism doesn't work. My belief is the 4 missed a team exceptions for tardiness, much like Coach Pete.

What a game!

Great effort!


Having only seven guys, and beating the 26th or so ranked team. Pretty dam good.

Φ That one

was ballz out. 3 at the buzzer to win. Whoa!

Role Models?

In the words of Lee Ioccoca "Throw the Bums Out!"


Somewhere pony is crying himself to sleep tonight.

Coach Rice reminds me of someone else...

That last play call

was really something. Everyone in the building knows the ball is going to Elorriaga, and he ended up in the corner wide open......

Φ It kills

when you have a left-hander throwing that pass right-handed. Great point made by Rice in the postgame.

Nearly every great shot is preceded by an equally great pass.

funky razor

Dex and I were texting back and forth and he was about 15 minutes behind Live action and I about ruined it for him. That play, that game was just great. I love the persona of Coach Rice. I see him often and the guy is just so cool. I really enjoy his positive energy all game long too. Without being a jerk, he stays active and involved all game.

Props all around tonight. It was a great effort.

Φ Sure does.

Things are contagious good right now.

Pony is prepping for his tryout for the JV carnival carousel.

Totally, utterly stunned

Totally, utterly stunned that we take like 70% of our team on the road, with 3 key players out, and win against an unbeaten, ranked conference foe in a notoriously difficult arena. Unreal. The guys who made the trip and won this game should be commended. Wow.


Nice job boys! What a game!

These Bronco's are for real.

Thanks coach Rice, your staff and these awesome Bronco's for making us proud!!!!!!!!!!!! You really made a statement tonight. See you at H O M E, can't wait for the next home game!!!!!

That was incredible

You have to love a story where he underdogs prevail. Bronco sports have a long history of that kind of heart. Wow!

I don't know when

the last sellout at TB was, but I can tell when the next one is..........

Wasn't it....

the LSU game? I know it was pretty close to a sellout. The pics showed fans up in the 3rd tier bleachers!

11,210 at the LSU game

Capacity: 12,719

This next game should be standing room only


We need a basketball chat before the New Mexico game....

Make it happen...

I hope they learn

great job by the remaining Broncos!


"It doesn't matter how hard you push along the way, it's having something in you to finish." -Michael Jordan. Great finish boys! Big win for the program.

How good is that freshman for Wyoming though. When he pinned Igor's shot against the glass, that was just nasty.

coach rice

the personality of coach rice is definitely making itself known. he and his coaches,you can see the symmetry. they've got their kids playin hard. GO BRONCS!!!!!!!!!!!!

In case you missed it

For all the whiners:

Looks like they got it done in a big way without the guys. Kudos to the coach and the rest of the team. Glad someone still understands and enforces the "consequences for your actions!" way of thinking.